Best ways to store fresh produce???

Works the same way as the science oven.

I don’t know what this is???

Shit fridge!!!

Is it the drawers at the bottom of the fridge?

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They don’t fulfill my needs

How we store our fresh stuff at Chateau Zeal:

So much plastic :frowning:


not keen on the word produce btw

can’t say why. just not.

Might try to get some similar boxes that let some air in

Do you use a different word or do you use produce, just grudgingly?

i call them vegetables



But produce is more than just vegetables, no?

“fruits and vegetables” then

My fridge has two crispers. One for fruit and veg and then a dairy one.

I shan’t take a picture due to clean fridge’s shaming post.


Sure, sometimes «produce» just seems more fitting. For example, for this thread.

mushrooms though

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There’s a reason I only shared 2 shelves and not the rest.

SAME. Two drawers… one veg, one cheese.