Best/Worst Airports

What’s the best and worst airport out there?

JFK and Newark were both depressing. Haven’t been to Singapore but it’s meant to be wonderful. Best airports are the big ones on the way out (more to see and do) and the teeny ones when you land - especially the ones that mean you can get out the main door less than five minutes after getting off the plane.

In before the Stansted haters. It’s fine


Longest you’ve spent in an airport? Spent 8 hours in Hong Kong airport as I had to leave my Airbnb and I couldn’t be arsed walking around in the heat with a big bag so just sat in the airport watching tv all day.

Have always insisted Luton is the worst airport, but Stansted was very bad last time I used it. Probably still Luton though.


Have to go to Luton in August. Already dreading it

Fuck, I meant to put a ‘first person to mention Luton is a nob’ post but too slow :woman_shrugging:

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Luton - shite. Flying in there on saturday right enough.
Palma - shite.

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Haha @hip_young_gunslinger you nob

And the second, and the third…

When we arrived at JFK, on honeymoon, we got to the arrivals floor and there were literally people sweeping huge amounts of shit up.

The toilets had collapsed/pipe burst or something.

Smelt exactly how you’d imagine.

The security just waved everyone few without checking any documents so they could get the hell out of there too.

So yeah. JFK.


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Been to Luton last week and can confirm it’s still awful. They’ve completely redone the bit before security though which makes absolutely no sense as the bit after security is a complete shit show still.

Why do you want us all to reach for an indie answer when the hellmouth is right there


Luton is the worst by far, and I include pathetic rinky-dink airports in Ireland and Finland, and cockroach infested hellholes in SE Asia in that.

Luton can GET. FUCKED.

Stansted is absolutely fine. Security normally a doddle.

Best is Seoul I think. Or Helsinki.


Genuinely thought Luton was fine the one time I flew from there :woman_shrugging:


Being waved through security in the US sounds incredible, worth the smell of shit I’d say.

Newark has nowhere good to eat. JFK at least has shake shack.

Luton’s fine
Always a breeze to get through. Not much there, but whatever.

Ditto Stansted.

Did cross my mind that I was living the start of Die Hard 6 or something

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Actually security is usually fine, it’s immigration that’s the sticking point.

I don’t get this. How? How many times have you used it? Have you just been crazy lucky?