Best/Worst Airports

I quite like Girona airport - it’s pretty small and cute


Think it might be because I normally fly out earlyish? Prob used it 5 or 6 times I guess. But often faced massive queues at Stansted/Gatwick/Heathrow at similar flight times.

Stansted is usually ok but had an awful time of it last time we used it. Security was a nightmare and got into a daft back-and-forth with an enormous jobsworth about liquids when all her colleagues had given us the ok.

Heathrow Terminal 5 is undoubtedly the best one of the London ones.

Think it must have been both. Literally in and out the terminal in about 5 minutes.

Last time I flew into Luton I was in the passport queue for over an hour. We were like cattle. I almost fainted it was so hot, one woman actually did faint. It was grim, no urgency from the staff, and people kept coming in behind us and it felt like there was going to be a crush. Made a vow after that- never go to Luton again. Not just the airport.

I’ve flown at Stansted more than any other airport, at lots of different times and have never had anything bad happen, maybe a sizeable queue at passport control a couple of times, but that’s about it.

Nice airports: Toronto (lots of plugs, can order from the food places on iPads on the tables), Faro (rooftop terrace!), Rochester NY (small and perfectly formed), Detroit (logically laid out, lots of stuff).

Bad airports: Atlanta (always crowded), JFK, La Guardia, Stansted, Luton, Cardiff (ridic walks everywhere)

Best: Rotterdam The Hague Airport - you can turn up 20 mins for departure and walk straight onto your plane. Getting out of the airport is equally quick. And if you do turn up early, they have a bar serving strong Belgian beers with an outdoor terrace overlooking the runway.

Worst: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Nairobi) - once had to spend a 7 hour layover there. It was cramped, hot and noisy, and very limited in its food and drink options. And not enough seating space so every time you went to the loo you ran the risk of not having a place to sit for the next hour or so .

Actually quite like Stansted tbh.

Will be flying out from there tomorrow - will update this thread if needs be.


When was this Hoogy, it was all lovely and new when I was there a few years back

Quite like Zurich and Copenhagen airports

Budapest airport - flying home on a Ryanair flight - the gate was literally a big shed with no seats or toilets. Felt like actual cattle.

Zurich was good, yeah

Schoenefeld is the worst I’ve been to, I’m sure it’s like a paradise compared to some non-Western places but it’s still an absolute disgrace.

Found Bilbao absolutely lovely, so much natural light and not big enough to feel properly airporty.


Vienna is good

Usually big posters of Federer wearing fancy watches.


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It means nothing to me

so sorry


not been to many but they all seem the same and I like all of them. I think I’m distracted by nerves and a sense of adventure though.

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prestwick is awful because it should feel like i’m back home but i’m not, i’ve still got lots of fucking about to do


2005 or 2006 I think. Some time ago. I take it all back if it has been refurbished since.

any without flat escalators go down a mark though