Best/worst concert (ripped from twitter)

Feel free to expand because we aren’t limited by word count and i enjoy reading a music anecdote

First Concert? — not counting student union events, first proper concert was paramore 2008

Last Concert? — monsta x, they came to london 3 times but only managed to go the last time, they’ve had to let go of one member since so v happy i got to see them all together

Next Concert? — super m tomorrow

Best Concert? — bts 2019, i went both days, one day i had a soundcheck ticket and the next day the worst ticket but got upgraded for free from level 5 to 1. It was so joyful, i hadn’t been as happy as i was that weekend for a long time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Worst Concert? — a place to bury strangers and japandroids, was by a speaker with no earplugs and my ears have never been the same since

Seen the Most? — bts

Want to See? — beyoncé, bts again :pleading_face:

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First Concert? —
Last Concert? —
Next Concert? —
Best Concert? —
Worst Concert? —
Seen the Most? —
Want to See? —

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First - Korn at the London arena (supported by puddle of mudd, I was 10 :metal:

Last - :princess: :heart_eyes_cat: carly rae jepsen at victoria warehouse

Next - big thief in Nottingham on Saturday

Best - sufjan at the Brighton dome on the age of adz tour

Worst - assuming festival shows count then
worst (expecting to be good) - animal collective at Green man
Worst (no expectations) - scouting for girls

Want to see - probs kendrick of people I’ve not seen before

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First Concert? Kasabian, Brighton Center, 2005. Drove there and back with my dad as a learner driver, had a good burger, really enjoyed the Duke spirit support and Kasabian were good tbf. Roof intact post gig.

Last Concert? Last non festival concert was Yo La Tengo, RFH, 2018. My wife was around her due date and was conscious of having to dive out during the gig. But never happened and it was lovely.

Next Concert? N/A

Best Concert? Sufjan Stevens, Brighton Dome, 2011 (Age of Adz tour). Just perfect. Absolutely perfect. Hi @Aggpass

Worst Concert? Probably The Horrors, Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms, 2007. Played for 18mins, were an absolute shambles

Seen the Most? Manic Street Preachers or
Maccabees, both 9 times each

Want to See? Neil Young


Oh forgot seen the most.

It’ll be the wave pictures by a pretty big margin, must be in double figures


Don’t think I’ve ever been to a gig (not including festival sets) that was actively bad. Feel quite fortunate.

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First Concert? — Michael Jackson, Glasgow Green '92
Last Concert? — Carly Rae Jepsen - Victoria Warehouse
Next Concert? — Sleater Kinney - Barrowlands
Best Concert? — Daft Punk - Rockness '07
Worst Concert? — Slint - Glasgow Arches '14*
Seen the Most? — The Twilight Sad
Want to See? — Japandroids, The Locust

(* should say that Slint were amazing, the crowd were the worst bunch of c*nts I’ve ever experienced and completely ruined the show)


First Concert? — Not including my friends and local bands it might have been Biffy Clyro 2008 at Manchester Academy. Will talk about it more down the list.

Last Concert? — Otoboke Beaver at the Gateshead Sage - fun gig! Crowd was quite chill (I was at the back drinking beer as if my thing now), but they were awesome and so full of energy!

Next Concert? — Squid at The Cluny - excited for this, love the EP.

Best Concert? — Biffy Clyro, Manchester Academy 2008 - It was just the immense energy from everyone in the room. Combination of first gig excitement, being with my brother and my Dad who were also obsessed with them, and just a great setlist. Watching my Dad lose his shit to ‘…Now the Action is on Fire’ and singing along is truly great. It was sweaty and just amazing. Nothing will compare I don’t think. Also, it introduced me to Frightened Rabbit just after MOF came out, so to experience that and think “this is amazing, who are these guys?” and for them to become my next obsession of a band was great.

Worst Concert? — I’m not sure I have seen anything particularly awful, probably more forgettable and I just erase it from my mind. Seeing Frightened Rabbit in Brum in 2012 with flatmates who just wanted to talk through it all was annoying haha.

Seen the Most? — I think The Twilight Sad and Richard Dawson equal for six times.

Want to See? — So many…currently Holly Herndon or Low would be cool.

Same here, my bad one was due to personal stupidity, have struggled with ticketing etc but the actual concerts were always great

First Concert — Not a clue probably something Folkie as a baby. Since it was probably Whitby lets face it, it was probably Stanley Accrington.
Last Concert —Angel Olsen
Next Concert — Big Thief on Sunday
Best Concert — Willis Earl Beal at Trof had a massive list then I remembered this is the correct answer by a country mile
Worst Concert — U2 at Glastonbury pissing with rain didn’t even see the whole thing because I was at the Park Stage watching everyone from Warpaint to Caribou only went to meet my mates. U2 defo not for me.
Seen the Most — Deerhunter or Future Island or Thee Oh Sees
Want to See? — Nic Jones (not likely to happen), Frank Ocean & FKA Twigs (had plenty of opportunities to go and watch but, never seen)

First Concert? — The Bluetones, Southampton Guildhall (autumn 1996)
Last Concert? — It’s been ages. Last one was The Decemberist, Nottingham, November 2018
Next Concert? — nothing planned at present
Best Concert? — Low, Union Chapel, February 2013
Worst Concert? — can’t think of anything terrible, but I remember being very bored at a Spiritualized gig in Cardiff (maybe 2002?)
Seen the Most? — Low
Want to See? — I’ve seen most of my favourite bands. Of the acts I’ve never seen, I’d love to see Feist. And if Grandaddy ever play The Sophtware Slump in full, I’m there.

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First concert - Red Kross at The Marquee in London, 1994.
Last concert - Carly Rae Jepsen at Brixton Academy.
Next concert - Sisters of Mercy at Albert Hall, Manchester.
Best concert - Maybe Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in Padua, 2017.
Worst concert - Smashing Pumpkins, Wembley Arena, 2001(?)
Seen the most - Neil Young
Want to see - Kendrick Lamar, Bruce Springsteen.

Yes, Frank Ocean! Really want to see him, in my room is one of the best songs ive heard in ages

Reminds me that I’d like to see Iron and Wine again. Only seen him once - Green Man, 2008 - and he was so dull we went home.

First Concert? — Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pixies, The Thrills and Groove Armada in the Phoenix Park 2004. Pixies amazing, RHCP awful)
Last Concert? — Percolator in the Kino, Cork City.
Next Concert? — Ian Date on the 6th of March, Girl Band with @Lo-Pan on the 7th of March!
Best Concert? — Angel Bat Dawid at King’s Place in 2019, or The Make Up at Primavera 2017.
Worst Concert? — British Sea Power, 2018.
Seen the Most? — Deerhunter x 8, Elastic Sleep x 20+, Fixity x 10+, Rusangano Family x 20
Want to See? — Eiko Ishibashi.

First Concert? — aside from at music festivals that my parents dragged me to, my first proper one was Blood Brothers at Leeds Cockpit in 2007 then Norma Jean 2 days later.
Last Concert? — Napalm Death at Leeds Uni on Saturday
Next Concert? — Trail of Dead on Wednesday at Night and Day
Best Concert? — this always changes for me. Refused on their comeback show was quite special, I always had great fun at Gay For Johnny Depp gigs. I’d probably say Deafheaven at Soup Kitchen in Manchester though
Worst Concert? — Fall of Troy are absolutely terrible live
Seen the Most? — either Fucked Up or Trail of Dead
Want to See? — Paul McCartney (it’s happening in May)

I was at ^this. Took my little sister - she must have been about 14 :metal:

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First Concert? — Muse at Earl’s Court
Last Concert? — Self Esteem at Electric Brixton
Next Concert? — Little Brother at Islington Assembly Hall
Best Concert? — The Roots at Jazz Cafe
Worst Concert? — Belle & Sebastian at Westminster Central Hall (EDIT: Mos Def at Kentish Town Forum in terms of artists I actually like though)
Seen the Most? — 65daysofstatic (15 times)
Want to See? — Outkast

Never change


I was wracking my brain to think of anything I could do to avoid this snarky answer tbf. I guess I was weighing up Being Disappointed by an Artist You Like vs Going To See an Artist You Dislike and the latter won.

First Concert? — Bon Jovi! June 23 1995 (yes I was 9)
Last Concert? — Carly Rae Jepsen - Brixton
Next Concert? — Nick Cave & TBS - O2 Arena
Best Concert? — oceansize - roadhouse (3 shows)
Worst Concert? — willy mason in Liverpool - played for like 15 minutes, broke a string then left the stage
Seen the Most? — Biffy Clyro
Want to See? — Phoebe Bridgers