Best/worst concert (ripped from twitter)

First Concert? — The Cranberries at Wembley Arena, 31 July 1995
Last Concert? — Carly Rae Jepsen - Brixton Academy Feb 2020
Next Concert? — Kedr Livanskiy
Best Concert? — Hole at Brixton academy 24 June 1999. I have seen better gigs musically but nothing captured the excitement, build up etc of a gig as that one did.
Worst Concert? — Oasis at Wembley Stadium, August 2000. I was still a fan at this point but that killed it for me
Seen the most? - Belle & Sebastian. 20 odd times circa 2002-5
Want to See? — Daft Punk. I missed that infamous gig in Hyde Park in 2007 as I was ill. Sickens.

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First Concert? — Lyca Sleep @ Mansfield Town Mill
Last Concert? — Tamaryn @ The Chameleon, Nottingham
Next Concert? — maybe Big Thief @ Rock City on Saturday
Best Concert? — Vampillia @ Le Guess Who
Worst Concert? — Fuck Buttons @ Mansfield Town Mill
Seen the Most? — Low - 19 times I think
Want to See? — Springsteen


First Concert? — The Wedding Present – Penyrheol Leisure Centre, Gorseinon, 1991
Last Concert? — The Wedding Present – Tramshed Cardiff, last year at some point
Next Concert? — Lloyd Cole – Tramshed Cardiff, April
Best Concert? — Kraftwerk – Royal Festival Hall London, 2004
Worst Concert? — The Strokes- CIA Cardiff, can’t remember the year.
Seen the Most? — Super Furry Animals, lost count, 20+ times
Want to See? — Slowdive

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What kind of crowd did Slint attract?

First Concert? — Anthrax at Wembley Arena December 1990. Lovely stuff :metal:

Last Concert? — Sleater Kinney at Brixton Academy last night. Lovely stuff :metal:

Next Concert? — Ladytron supported by Stealing Sheep at Heaven on Monday. Will be lovely dancey stuff :+1:

Best Concert? — Manic Street Preachers at The Astoria. Holy Bible tour, and Richey’s last ever gig. Thrilling stuff :open_mouth:

Worst Concert? — Wu Tang Clan at Brixton Academy on the Forever tour. Was so excited - they were rubbish :rage:

Seen the Most? — If we’re including DJ sets then probably Death In Vegas/Richard Fearless just edging out Chemical Brothers. Must have seen both roughly 25 times. If just live bands then maybe Ladytron (around 12 times I reckon) @deep-blue

Want to See? — Portishead. Have loved these guys for a quarter of a century and somehow conspired to miss them every time around. Please do some more live shows guys :pray:

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First Concert? — I went into Reading in March 1995 when I was 12, to see Stiltskin play in Virgin Megastore, but my first actual concert was Fun Lovin’ Criminals at Rivermead in December 1999. I’d been to Reading Festival earlier that year, where the first band I saw was The Living End, but the first band I went into the crowd for was Silverchair, so whichever one of those counts.
Last Concert? — The 1975 at the O2 last Friday.
Next Concert? — Tove Lo at the Forum in a fortnight
Best Concert? — No idea, um, NIN at the Royal Albert Hall 2018, Sufjan at the Royal Festival Hall 2011 and Sigur Ros at Hammersmith in 2006 were all sensational, so were Arcade Fire at Reading 2010 and The Mars Volta there in 2003 or The Antlers in 2011, the Sunday at Reading 2000 and the Friday of Primavera 2019 also stand out. It might have been Radiohead in Victoria Park in 2008, though. They played 12 songs from In Rainbows, it was the first time I’d seen them with my now wife and, idk, i Just had a great time.
Worst Concert? — Maybe Low, supporting Slowdive at the Roundhouse in 2017. It probably had more to do with the crowd but it was one of the flattest most dull things I’ve ever seen, certainly when compared to how good they were last year. To be fair though, I probably saw some actually awful shows, like The Bloodhound Gang at the Astoria in 2000. creepy people, them.
Seen the Most? — Coheed and Cambria, although I’ve seen Thom Yorke in various guises more times.
Want to See? — Rammstein.

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First Concert? Slipknot / Slayer - Hammersmith Apollo
Last Concert? Los Campesinos! - Islington Assembly Hall
Next Concert? — The Jesus and Mary Chain - The Roundhouse
Best Concert? — Oh Sees - Troxy
Worst Concert? — Cloud Nothings - EartH
Seen the Most? — Los Campesinos! maybe?
Want to See? — Radiohead

First – Rolling Stones, Cincinnati 1994
Last – Ride, Oxford Town Hall
Next – Turnstile, ULU
Best – Rage Against The Machine, Oxford Zodiac 1999
Worst – Liars, Oxford Zodiac 2004
Seen the Most – Either Jetplane Landing, Every Time I Die or The Bronx
Want to See – Fugazi

was there!

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I love this.

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First Concert? — Oasis at Balloch Castle Country Park, Loch Lomond, 4 August 1996. I was 14.
Last Concert? — The Cure, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow
Next Concert? — Ultrasound at Stereo, Glasgow, June 2020
Best Concert? — Arctic Monkeys, The Exchange, Edinburgh, October 2005
Worst Concert? — Ian Brown, Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, January 2005 (i think). He was in a foul mood, started and stopped songs loads of times, left the stage and came back on several times, got a guy in the crowd beaten up for some perceived misdemeanour, then played a drum solo for ages.
Seen the Most? — Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (around 8 times i think).
Want to See? — Depeche Mode.

Got a signed poster and everything. It was a poster for one of the others singles from The Mind’s Eye, probably Rest In Peace, looking at when that was released.

Man, it was so weird. It was a Friday night at the Arches and it felt like a Friday night at the Arches. Everyone was steamin’ and talking throughout. There was a lot of shushing and then drunk people making fun of the shushing by making more shushing noises.

I remember specifically at one point Brian announcing that the next song was from Tweez and some drunk lady behind me shouts at the top of her voice “TWEEZE MA NIPPLES!!”

Also remember the start of Washer, obviously it’s pretty quiet so this seems like an opportune moment for one lad to ask his mate standing 10ft away if he wants a drink. But his mate can’t hear him because he’s talking to another mate, so he just asks him again, louder and louder until he hears him. I remember his name was Davey - "davey, Davey, DAVEY… DAVEY AH’M GON TAE THE BAR YE WANT A PINT? AH SED AH’M GON TAE THE BAR YE WANT A PINT? pure infuriating stuff.

I know a guy who was there on the other side of the room. He got so sick of it he asked someone if they’d paid 20 quid just to be a cunt and got punched in the face for his troubles.


First Concert? — Faith No More at the Astoria 8 Feb 1990
Last Concert? — Fontaines DC
Next Concert? — Protomartyr (it’s actually 808 State but Protomartyr is the next one I actually want to see)
Best Concert? — Nirvana at Bierkeller Bristol
Worst Concert? — Manic Street Preachers and Catatonia from the furthest back position in Wembley Arena whenever that was
Seen the Most? — Therapy?, Faith No More, Godflesh, Grandaddy
Want to See? — Elliott Smith, sadly

I enjoyed it at the time, but in retrospect, it was rather, hmmmm.

First Concert? — Kasabian, HMV Oxford St, 2004 (?)

Last Concert? — Sleater-Kinney, Brixton Academy, last night!

Next Concert? — Richard Dawson, Barbican, March 28th

Best Concert? — Fucked Up/Titus Andronicus/METZ, Brudenell Social Club, 2013; could’ve easily have been the first time I saw Arcade Fire or Radiohead, but this gig was probably the most fun I’ve had at a gig. Three utterly brilliant bands at the best venue in the country.

Worst Concert? — Arctic Monkeys, O2 Arena, 2012; was seated really far away so the sound was horrible, sat near some dickheads, Alex Turner crooning like an Elvis impersonator and Miles Kane came out.

Seen the most? — Los Campesinos! - 10 times I think.

Want to See? — Tom Waits.

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Seem to remember they got someone (male) to vomit onstage and then kiss the singer. What a time.

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First Concert? — Alkaline Trio & Hot Water Music @ Islington Academy in 2003 - turns out it was the first ever gig at Islington Academy, apparently Alkaline Trio came back and played the 10th Anniversary in 2013

Last Concert? — The Strokes at The Roundhouse last week :relaxed:

Next Concert? — Matt Calvert at Kings Place in April - seems ages away, need to book in some for March

Best Concert? — Would probably have said Morrissey’s 50th Birthday in Manchester before now but will say Converge at the Kingston Peel in 2007 - I got ticket number 1 somehow, still got it framed somewhere

Worst Concert? — NME Nu Rave Tour in 2007 - went because I was dating a girl who was also going, never saw her the whole night, got a pint taken off me for being underage, she later broke up with me by text. Oh and the bands were utter, utter shite.

Seen the Most? — tough one - maybe 65dos? maybe Brand New :grimacing:

Want to See? — still regret not going to see the Blood Brothers on their last UK tour even though I had a ticket :sob: stupid A Levels

Bloody hell, that sounds awful! That doesn’t sound like a Slint crowd at all. I wonder why the gig was full of drunken neds?!

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James Murphy was really scraping the barrel by verse 5