Best/worst films thread spinoff: anything fairly lighthearted AND good from this year?


Just watched about 20 trailers from that thread for a film tonight, lots of great looking stuff, but the wife is feeling a bit emotional and we need something that isn’t going to be scary/upsetting/traumatic. Hit me with some reccos yeah?


Son of Saul


yeah very good lets all laugh at the holocaust well done mate


Sorry Smee, I’ll take your thread seriously from now on. I haven’t seen it but that Linklater one’s meant to be kinda fun innit?


Snoopy movie


hunt for the wilderpeople


probably not something appropriate for you or something that DiS is likely to agree with me about, but I found Sausage Party to be perfectly passable as a trashy comedy


Sorry it is Called ‘The Peanuts Movie’


One sausage leads a group of supermarket products on a quest to discover the truth about their existence and what really happens when they are chosen to leave the grocery store.

hmm I’ll put it on the long list thanks


Hunt For The Wilderpeople


thoroughly enjoyable as a bit of trash


It’s definitely utter shite


Another vote for Davidoff Cool Wilderpeople.


does the story revolve around a charming yet delusional piece of broccoli arrivng from the depot and initially upsetting the lead sausage’s sense of authority but ultimately leading towards a friendship between the two that is both heartwarming and life affirming?


no it involves a sausage trying to get inside his gf who is a bun, and its all very phallic and they smoke weed for no reason. Good fun.
Probably don’t watch the trailer, everyone complained that it had all the best bits in it, and tbh I could imagine that being true


or maybe watch the trailer only?



The answer is Hunt For The Wilderpeople mate


I’ve emailed her some trailers to choose from. Which do you think she should choose?

  • Victoria
  • I, Daniel Blake
  • Arrival
  • Everbody Wants Some!!
  • Hunt For The Wilderpeople

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Did you even consider The Peanuts Movie?