Best xmas day buffet foods


Happy buffet and dips season.

I’m spending the big day alone and as much as I love a xmas dinner I cba cooking one as everything takes a million years with a baby so I’m looking for a mind blowing buffet instead with perhaps a few rogue xmas dinner add ons (for example some pigs in blankets and maybe some stuffing balls - left field or what?)

Best xmas snacky things?


Sausage on a stick always brings a little sophistication to a soiree




ffs fucking reply buttons


Cheese straws


Could put the pigs in blankets on sticks in this instance


Ambassador, you are truly spoiling us


Cheese footballs


Sausage rolls are the best ones
Cheese scones and cheese straws a close second
Almond macaroons are best sweet option
A variety of Pringles
Cheese and Marmite whirls

Fucking cannot wait for Christmas day buffet tea.


I ate a Ferrero Rocher last night and half the hazlenut wedged itself in my broken molar and made a pretty good temporary filling


Do you have any sausage roll brand suggestions? I always seem to get dry flaky ones and I want a nice crip, slightly greasy one.


I’m afraid I don’t, the sausage rolls in question are homemade ones by my Ma.

I seem to recall that Sainsbo’s taste the difference ones are dead good when warmed up though.


I will make the journey especially


I hope beyond hope that it’s not a wasted journey and that they don’t let you down.


Me too pal.


Buffet for one? I like your style


An all day buffet too…for every meal. I want to have food within reach at all times


Some kind of prawn cocktail is good. Also, pasta/potato salads.


wrap a glace cherry with some streaky bacon, stick it on a cocktail stick and bake in the oven. delicious


This sounds pretty great tbh. You should make one of these: