Beth Gibbons new album rumours etc not dead. (Portishead)

Beth Gibbons launched a brand new Instagram account today and the rumour is a solo album could soon drop…


There was a label… I think Rough Trade… I forget… which had her scheduled to release solo LP2 last year in June.

She’s obviously doing things in Portishead time.

This seems to be a thread about Beth Gibbons not the band so I’ll retitle.

What a song.


Beth’s Gibbon


Been meaning to re-listen to her album with Rustin Man - Can’t remember listening to it since Uni. Obviously I’d prefer new Portishead, but I’d look forward to a solo album too.

She signed to Domino, if I remember rightly. This was probably about 2 years ago now I think?

Pedantic! I was actually wanting to talk about Portishead Too but you changed the heading within 8 hours of me posting. Thanks for interfering.

Well mate it had two posts about her and nothing else. If you’d wanted that then maybe open your post with that in mind.

Nothing wrong with a thread for each either.

Not dead!

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Revisited it again recently and really enjoyed it. Top album.


Fuck thought she died, christ. Wish she was as prolific as her bandmate Barrow. Guy seems to be putting out 3 records a year with Hollywood scores and Beak records. Anyone that hasn’t heard Beak btw, they are great.

Back to Beth… Would obviously love to hear some solo work, let Geoff produce.


A perfect song that one!

one hell of an album that

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yes plz.

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It’s from 2014…
I have Questions…

  1. Why has it taken 5 years to be released?
  2. What has she been doing since 2014?
  3. When can we have another Portishead Album? The last one was in 2008!

I think question 3 answers both 1 and 2.

Question 4. There was talk of a second solo album release in 2013 which is before that performance. So where’s that?