Bethany Barker Controversy Thread


Not heard of her before.

Can certainly believe in someone learning fuck loads about being a better person in 5 years.

Props to her at least for taking full blame rather than going down the “SOMEONE HACKED MY TWITTER” root of that cabbie and his mate Bryn.

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Yeah it’s a bit shit really. I’d imagine today there’ll be:

  1. a lot of journo’s scouring young politicians twitter feeds for controversial tweets

  2. a lot of young politicians scouring their own twitter feeds for embarrassing shit they tweeted when they were kids.

So she was 14 when she sent them, and it’s seemingly being used as a stick to beat the Jezdog with. Feel a wee bit sorry for her tbh (obviously the tweets are fucking awful obvs)


Yeah, like, she was 14 for goodness’ sake.

It’s not like Farage, where his views haven’t changed since he was singing nazi songs at school.

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fuck, this is going to be used as a ridiculous bit of whataboutery by UKIP for ages about how they aren’t the only party with racists etc.

Well yeah but it’s not something I would have said at 14 either. I mean while I personally accept that her views have changed, it’s right she stepped down.


I feel like that can’t be an excuse these days anyway. Like if she had twitter when she was 14, she’s got access to be clued up on other views. This can’t just be claimed as the way she’s been raised/not knowing any better etc.


I think it’s another situation to thank atheist god that we weren’t on social media as children tbh

Yeah. I’m prepared to accept anyones views can get better over time regardless of age too. Just have to read the right stuff. About the only thing I’ll give about being 14 over later ages is that school is fucking grim for cliques and following crowds.

i mean it’s difficult for me to understand how someone at 14 can’t grasp the fact that Twitter is a public platform - I say that as someone who grew up with MSN messenger/Myspace in my later teens - I probably posted some horrifically cringey stuff on those places (god, the Bright Eyes screen names) but I’m really not sure there’s any cause to excuse this type of language - it’s not like she was quoting Jay Z lyrics or something, this goes beyond just ‘harmless ignorance’ (if there is such a thing)

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Hmm, while it’s obv being used by the press to bash jezza the tweets are pretty appalling.
It’s not like she just used some problematic language a few years ago that might not have been so bad at the time but is now not acceptable and someone’s dug it up, it’s full on racist language and it was only 5 years ago and even at 14 you should know better.

Can’t help thinking people wouldn’t be so forgiving if it was a young conservative who’d tweeted it (and tbh we’d all love it if it was).


can someone explain who she is and what shes done pls, cba googling

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Out of interest, and maybe playing devil’s advocate to an extent, is there an age at which this could have come out and she could be forgiven? Would you ever consider her a viable (for example) candidate for parliament under any circumstances in the future?

What are we all talking about? I’ve google Bethany Parker and there’s nothing in Google news.

EDIT: Maybe because I should have searched for Bethany Barker instead.


True but saying a comment about someone’s appearance or whatever is a world away to what this person tweeted. This sort of thing (that she tweeted) was never acceptable on old DiS (from what I recall).

That’s what I meant by something seen as problematic now that was more accepted back in the day as even in the last 5/10 years people are much more aware of their language use etc.

For the cba to google it:

Good question, I suppose the suspicion in her case is the fact that for the most recent tweets this was just three years ago so some might question how much her views have really changed.

I mean you’ve really got to wonder what was going on in her life that she was expressing racist and anti-semitic views without a hint of self reflection.

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If I think back to myself at 16 and myself at 19 I’d say there was a pretty big difference tbf


Yeah, guilty of that myself for sure

yeah, but you were feeling a bit low

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