Bethany Barker


Oh dear.

She’s quite hot though isn’t she?



Sigh CG




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I’ll be honest, I’m pretty flattered if CG thinks it’s worth routing through a VPN outside the country in order to post on here for a bit.


isn’t CG posting using another account at the moment and stirring things up a little less?


You won’t believe it, I had to edit that 3 or 4 times, with each edit I introduced a new typo.


No idea. He’s never been a lone force on here. If there are posts people have a problem with I assume they’ll flag them.


are people actually replying to this thread. the OP’s profile pic should be a banning in itself.




will split the genuine discussion out.


oh i didnt look at it properly and thought it was the old incredible hulk at first when he used to have a bob


What’s going on!



yeah might explain why it’s horrible and racist and misogynistic