Better Call Saul / Breaking Bad thread

Back on the 7th august!


Psyched. Can someone blur a catch up reminder as to what went down in S3 please

Surprised how much i liked this in the end. Hated it on first watch, but it’s solid 8/10 telly.


Kim Wexler is one of the best characters in years and Rhea Seehorn should have already won several Emmys for her performances.


Yes! Looking forward to this. It took me a while to get into, I nearly bailed in the first season, glad I stuck with it.

That tracking shot from the last series has stayed with me. Perfect

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First season really went a bit too Courtroom Drama at times and my attention waned a bit during those, but it’s such a good show

Can you remind me what tracking shot that was?
I liked the Kim montage with all the multi-coloured post-it notes. Class.

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Sorry to be a dumb ass, but is this shown in the UK? If so, what channel? Netflix?


Yep he’s on Netflix

The one that followed the refrigeration truck from Mexico through customs, being searched by the border guards with dogs.

Circled the truck in the garage too, if I remember correctly

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I’m pretty sure Netflix normally put up a “what happened last season” recap thing. I love this show but my memory for everything is so bad these days,

Kim crashed and Chuck torched himself. Is that right? Is that where we are up to?

holy shit, totally forgot about that, was v shocking imho

oh yes that sounds right - but why is Jimmy not allowed to do law anymore?

Because he admitted to something that I can’t remember (maybe getting those olds to sign up to shit in a slightly dodgy way like when he was mean to that old lady) but he is only banned for a year I think and was doing those adverts?

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Every episode described in detail here

I’d totally forgotten about Chuck accidentally torching his place.

Was it accidental, I thought he did it on purpose?