Better Call Saul (Rolling)

Fucking mint so far.

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Aye, it’s been brilliant.

Rhea Seehorn is so fucking good, her little looks in that job interview scene were magic.

oh… well that’s the general thread - this is specifically for Series 3

Everyone loves Kim

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I could just watch endless scenes of Mike doing stuff with no dialogue


My son has just started watching it (although he’s already got through S1 and S2 and ep 1 of S3) and he is a bit down on Kim, he sees her as a boring stick in the mud holding Jimmy back.

I do not agree

Just an hour of him sitting in a diner drinking coffee in silence - with the waitress giving him a top up from time to time

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It’s quite a lot better than Breaking Bad isn’t it

No, it’s very different but it’s not better


Also loved the way they re-introduced Gus - just amiably cleaning tables out of focus in the background.


Jimmy carefully rolling the tape off his logo, as shown by his brother, then getting angry and ripping it off. Love that shit.

that scene was great, really good cringey watching-through-one-eye kinda stuff. the show excels at that

has he seen the one with the post it notes where she wins the big client?

I’m preferring it Ant. I enjoyed Breaking Bad but I’m enjoying this more

and trying to get mike to talk about Cracker Barrel :slight_smile:

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I’m very pleased that you are enjoying an experience :slight_smile:

think so

But he might have given me that opinion before he did

Yeah just a shame you know she’s gotta go at some point

The cinematography is just great as well. Just fired up netflix for this screengrab…