Better Call Saul (Rolling)

Anyone noticed a motif this season where something from the end of the last episode is picked up a the start of the 1st

so far I’ve spotted Saul’s dropped ice cream cone and the glass that was dropped at the end of last week getting cleaned up this week

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Watched the first episode of the new season last night and immediately had to stick some frozen Ikea cinnamon buns into the oven


Possibly to have an alibi if things went wrong? Someone around to say that Gus was busy at the restaurant?


Yeah, that whole bit with Gus/Lyle in the restaurant and Hank/Gomey in the car felt like it went on for about a year.

It’s still good, I’m nitpicking!

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Thought this week’s episode ended well after a slow start. A cleverly retro-fitted explanation of something that doesn’t really make a lot of sense if you think too hard about it.

Just caught up and loved the old school hip hop- ish piano-y beat that scored this scene.

kim should have at least put the cello in the car


guess maybe she worried about her cello

I hope the last line of the latest episode isn’t a shark-jump moment. Because it really felt like it.


the marriage thing? assumed it might be that thing where people dont have to testify against their spouses, not sure if that is a real thing


Even if that was the case, I just don’t buy it. I’m increasingly struggling to see what Kim sees in Jimmy…? Just hope it doesn’t come down to her dumping him at the altar. :zipper_mouth_face:

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yeah the whole things seems really stretched now, like Kim’s clients should be well sus by now

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the flashback to Kim’s childhood attempted to explain it, she is (sub consciously or not) doomed to repeat her relationship with her mother with Jimmy. They both let her down constantly but then are super persistent trying to make it up to her

This series is a massive drop off isn’t it

It’s like they’ve run out of story

I’m loving it. Particularly as it seems like the descent into danger isn’t necessarily being steered by the person you’d think.

The marriage thing did throw me off a tad but we’ll see where they go with it


Feels the same fairly decent 7-8/10 quality as always to me. Never bought the ‘better than Breaking Bad’ stuff but fine for what it is, this series hasn’t been noticeably any different for me.

for me the whole show was built around the dynamic with chuck, there were still a few interesting threads after his death, but now it just seems meandering

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absolutely hated chuck’s character and that whole storyline, think it’s been massively improved since his character’s demise

also disagree that this season has been a drop off in quality, all the stuff with Jimmy scheming/Mike’s relationship with Gus has been excellent