Better Call Saul (Rolling)

Yeah Chuck was such an insufferable prick, I was relieved to see him go really


really? that was the central storyline of the show for several seasons, would be like saying I like Breaking Bad except the drug stuff.

To me it is was the crux of the show, and done really well, that vicious cycle dynamic where Chuck’s rejection of Jimmy only pushes Jimmy further down the path Chuck feared, vindicating Chuck’s concerns, and also justifying Jimmy’s rejection of the straight and narrow that would not have him, that conflict unravelling between two brothers who really cared for each other was really great drama imo


What is Saul’s beef with Howard? got the sense before when he realised Howard blamed himself for Chuck’s death he realised it was actually his fault but let Howard suffer just because they had bad blood, but now it seems like he really hates and blames him. might not have been paying attention

Aye as @grievoustim says up there - his character was just such a total cunt it made it hard to enjoy the scenes he was in and i was delighted when they finally killed him off

So much of the appeal of the prequel to me was about seeing where “Saul” came from, i really liked all the backstory of his “slipping jimmy” stuff, seeing how he met Tuco, Nacho, Gus etc but the stuff with Chuck was insufferable at points and went on for way too long


LUFTWAFFLES! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Personally my only problem with the Chuck story is that it should have been done midway through Season 2.

Yesterday’s episode was the best this season for me. They managed to pull it back after the marriage proposal. Like that they have played the long game with the randomer who electrocuted himself in Breaking Bad great introduction to a character

think I just like Chuck because he was in Short Circuit 2

Agree - Don’t think the Howard plot’s offered anything this season either - would happily have seen him out of the show by now with the focus mainly onto Jimmy/Kim and Mike/Gus.


maybe I liked the Chuck storyline more as I watched it all in one go for the first time a couple of months ago, so it didn’t drag on for years for me

I liked the Chuck storyline and the payoff but it did drag a little. I think with the benefit of hindsight the first 3 seasons could be reduced down a bit.

Also found this latest season a touch flat but some bits have been absolutely quality. The scene of Nacho and Gus trashing the chicken restaurant was fantastic.

The staging (dunno if that’s the right word) of some of the shots is so well done and it feels really satisifying to watch at times, like the symmetry of Jimmy and Kim pulling up outside their flat and looking up at different times, and the big wide shot of Kevin coming to meet Jimmy in the car park really stand out from the last few episodes

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God, Rhea Seehorn is so fucking good. The subtlety of her performance in that marriage scene was unbelievable.


She’s on The Watch podcast this week. She so great, it was really interesting hearing about how she works and approaches things. Hope she gets some amazing parts on the back of this, she should be a star


Only up to episode 5 of latest series. I enjoy it but find now that I would be infinitely more interested in the season focussing on his black and white, real time predicament. Hopefully that’s the final season. Still fun viewing though.

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Pretty sure that’s what will happen tbh. Final season will be all “current day”

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Nah no way, so you reckon they’ll be fully up to the start of BB in the next three episodes?

There’s only three left? I thought there were 13 episodes a season? :disappointed:

nah it’s been 10 per season up to this point


How far are we off the events of this timeline intersecting with Walter getting involved and the start of BB? Can’t be far off surely - maybe it’ll be referenced in the finale?