Better Call Saul (Rolling)

Think it’s as good as the first two series of Breaking Bad and better than the latter 3. Breaking Bad really lost its way for me when Skyler found out.


I’ve only seen 4/5 of BB s1. Can you dive into BCS without having watched BB?

You can, I probably wouldn’t though


I tried to tell em cowcow! @1101010 can we merge this with the thread I linked?

As good an opinion as any, you awesome man

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someone asked me this the other day and I said you probably could, but after seeing the latest episode, I realised that you do tend to miss out on quite a bit of context, such as (these are things that happen in BCS but not really spoilers) why is he working in a cinebon in the future, and why the big dramatic pan-up to the sign for Los Pollos Hermanos

E2 was great, I’m tempted to complain about it not moving fast, but that’s part of the appeal of the show isn’t it?

Everyone on the internet hates Chuck, but I think that the reason the show works so well is that all the characters are completely understandable and relatable.

Gr8 stuff m8

Absolutely, it’s glacial in it’s pacing but it’s all the better for it.

Imagine that competency-porn scene with Mike switching the tracking device things in any other show, it’d be over in about 2 minutes and wouldn’t be anywhere near as absorbing.

Chuck has his reasons.

another great episode all around


Aye, that was brilliant.


I was laughing like a hyena at that scene. just perfect.

Great episode, this show has really hit another gear, and it’s not just the Mike/BB storyline, but the Chuck/Jimmy storyline has found a level too (finally)

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i hate watching this show it’s so fucking tense right now

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Mike and his Handyman magazine :smiley:


Huge fan of Assistant Manager Lyle. His bit with Hector was great, and his round of applause had me crying with laughter.

“First time I got to build something in a while.” :cry:

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Such a good episode

The scene with the Don and the bricks of money at the start was so tense and well done - thought the scared looking drug mule guy was gonna get offed at any moment

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He seems like a good egg yeah but I’m slightly concern that if Hector were to show up again, Lyle might be numpty enough to try and stand up to him…