Better Call Saul (Rolling)

Always thought of him as basically being an older version of Herc from the Wire


In the early episodes he basically just exists to emasculate Walt.

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I am a man of my word


(Fucking delicious. Very glad there aren’t any near me or I’d be in real trouble…)


Breaking Bad s5 ep6 has a reference to Miracle Whip - Hank isn’t fond of it :smile:

Rewatching Breaking Bad and I think I am enjoying the Ted Beneke plot more than ever.

Now I have had a job that involves handling invoices and billing, I fully relate to Skyler’s hell going through the cooked books.

So think I will have to watch this - stopped after S2 originally

  • Start from the beginning
  • Summaries of S1 and 2 will be fine, then jump straight to S3

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Awww, you guys


That’s actually a bit disturbing isn’t it.

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Absolute lads


Feel like ol Slippin Jimmy would tacitly approve of bootleg action figures

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Really want that.

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Chuck McGill “What A Sick Joke!” Action Figure Playset

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Just finished it. Thought the shot of the time travel book at the end was cringy.

Great show overall though.

On holiday at the mo. This is our caravan. :balance_scale:


A bit on the nose. I was just thinking “aaah so this is the bit he would go back to in a time machine” then the book showed up

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Did anyone else find the b&w very grating in the end? Took me out of it a bit. There really was no need for it.

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Just got to the end of season four watching again. Michael McKean doing karaoke, seehorn absolutely killing it, Dalton really building lalo as a character, and Werner…

Really impressive finale


The sort of episode that gives anyone who loves their wife nightmares.

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Yeah they are generally great at subtlety and leaving the viewer to make connections. The book of The Time Machine literally appearing on screen felt like something from a different show.