Better Call Saul (Rolling)

I think it still works if you think that Jeff’s character is a classic bully. He’s intimidating to Jimmy because he has power over him - once Jimmy realises that he can flip this around, he displays his true weak nature…


Just been reading back this thread after getting to the end of my complete rewatch of all of BCS, which has now morphed into a subsequent rewatch of (so far) the first two seasons of BB. Anyone noting a fresh like for posts from months/years ago it’s usually a tip of the hat to a great piece of plot anticipation down the line.

Some observations.

There was some slagging off of the guest appearances from the BB main characters. A nice touch I noticed was that all of the flashbacks in the “Breaking Bad” episode of “Better Call Saul” were in the same timeline as the episode “Better Call Saul” of “Breaking Bad”. :slight_smile: On those I have one possibly imaginary theory: I reckon the scene between Mike and Saul in Saul’s office is the only time in either series we see the ultracautious Mike dismiss and underestimate another protagonist. Whilst advising Saul against getting involved with Walter he does so on the basis that his incompetence will be his downfall and that Saul might go down with him. And of course having evaded all the various murderers involved in the BB/BCS universe who is it who ends up fatally taking Mike by surprise?

I hadn’t made the connection between Walter trying to fix the hot water while he was holed up with Saul as a callback to his travails with his hot water cylinder at the beginning of BB. I think the “so you were always like this” line is perhaps redundant, but is still worth a reiteration at that point, to hammer home that “Saul” was not a development specifically precipitated by the breakup with Kim, rather a reversion to type, triggered by that.

Watching it all in a row the last few episodes after Lalo+Howard definitely feel like a total change of atmosphere and that atmosphere second time round is just incredibly, relentlessly sad. Despite all the scams in Omaha there’s a heavy layer of sadness over just about every minute of it.

The two series really are massively different. I’m no cinematography expert but even I can see they’re composed and shot in completely different styles. I’ve previously said I thought BB took until mid season two to get going, but honestly I can now say I can appreciate the considered pace they took it to that point. There’s a lot to be said for the moments where they let the characters reflect. Also having previously said how harrowing I found watching Skyler’s reaction to Walt’s dishonesty given my own experience of being a secretive shithead in a relationship I can only say I could have done without rewatching the same only with the addition of experience of knowing what it’s like being in a relationship whilst having a chronic illness! (I am now reformed and a model husband in my own defence)

Also one incomplete thought about detail about Gus. In BB in the first scene in Pollos Hermanos when Walt and Jesse are due to meet him he’s in the very first shot (ha ha they’re wondering who they’re waiting for and there he is straight away ha ha), and for some reason he’s wearing a blue shirt. I’d be fairly sure in every other episode where he’s in the restaurant he’s wearing that horrid urine coloured uniform. Dunno if that means anything.

Finally Krysten Ritter has a very odd way of walking.


Just finished watching it for the first time. Brilliant ending though I’m not thinking to deeply about the politics/morals of it all. Definitely prefer this to Breaking Bad in most ways but it did frustrate me more… if it didn’t have the extended Gus/Mike/Cartel stuff (which is all very dull and in the end - meaningless) I’d say this is a pretty much perfect show.

Would happily watch a fan edit that got rid of all that filler. I don’t care about how the drug lab was made. I don’t care about whether the Sallamancas or Gus make more money. Mike is a really uninteresting male-fantasy character. They miss the opportunity to do anything exciting with Gus. Don’t even get me started on Lula. All that said I did really like Nacho’s character and that lad’s performance of him. Still, there’s so much drab crime stuff when all I want is Jimmy’s scams and the core cast on the lawyer side.


We enjoyed this show in very different ways.


Huell Babineaux
that is all

Better Fuel Huell


I’ve avoided this thread in the past year as I “patiently” waited for Netflix US to air season 6. I finally got tired of waiting and paid for the damn thing, watched ep 1 last night. Great start and I’m excited to see all the storylines wrap up.

But what’s the deal with Netflix UK & Ireland offering this a year ago and it’s still not on Netflix US?! If course I fully expect it to land on streaming any day now that I’ve paid $25 for it.

Will now follow the thread from April '22 on, lol.

Netflix had the international rights to it everywhere except the US as AMC had the rights to it there.

Boooo. Figured as much as I knew it was an AMC show. Thanks for clarifying.

Just finished a complete watch of it all for the first time. Can’t say much that hasn’t already been said. A work of incredible depth across all aspects of TV-making (don’t think the costume and prop teams can be praised enough, alongside the more obvious standouts like the writing, performances and cinematography).

Having said that: Bob fucking Odenkirk and Rhea fucking Seehorn. Jesus Christ

This shot from the finale too. The more I look at it the better it gets.


I’m currently on a more or less chronological rewatch of the whole lot, ie all of bcs then bb and who knows maybe Camino after that. Just got to the middle of season four of bb and can’t help feeling it dropped off a bit there with all the car wash nonsense etc. that said, this time round I have a lot more time for Marie.

Biggest revelation is that the first episode of bb featuring Hector is genuinely much more dramatic and menacing when armed with the rest of his backstory

The start of season 4 is a bit slower (Jesse struggling after the Gale stuff, Walt being increasingly paranoid about Gus), but I love the last five episodes. That’s my favourite little run of the whole BB series!

BB falls apart a bit after Gus dies imo. Whole final season feels really rushed and quite silly. Still enjoyable telly but a massive step down

I think especially the last half of season 5 is rushed and the Nazis are too cartoonish, but it is fun. The first half is still excellent TV.

Spoilers guys, spoilers :wink:

Just watched that last night - had genuinely forgotten that Hector was even in Breaking Bad. Completely agree though - there’s nuances to his performance in that episode that mean so much more when you’ve seen his past.

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Someone has uploaded the commentary tracks for BCS on YouTube, the ones with the costume people on explaining their choices are the best


Have been retrospectively listening to the BCS Insider podcast which seems quite fun.