Better Call Saul (Rolling)

she just seems to stand around looking a bit irked nowadays

Watched the first two episodes. I obviously won’t give away anything apart from what’s blurred but they were both excellent.

Kim and Saul’s relationship will be interesting

Didn’t like the “50% off” sequence, felt far too heavy handed on the whole “ooh he’s enabling crime” thing

Have loved both episodes so far. The house bit reminded me a bit of Alan Partridge and his Buck Rogers toilet.

Cracking episode 3. Things are starting to move at pace.

The Mike part was depressing, I know they want to show him broken and beaten up about what happened at the end of the last season but part of it felt a touch out of character. It was great to have Hank and Steve back, I really liked that storyline and I dunno if it’s a slight adjustment to Hank’s character because I’ve not watched BB since it was on, but they seemed to write him as being a bit sharper and savvier. I like the comments about Marie as well! The Kim plot was good as well because her character has been pretty quiet so far this season

Long term theory:

After this season there is one more, and I heard a theory that next season could all be set in the flash forward (Gene story). Not sure how likely that is, but thought it was an interesting idea. Leaves a lot to be wrapped up in this season though

Hank was always pretty sharp and savvy. Agree with you about Mike though. Feel that getting angry with his granddaughter is a line he’d never cross.


I’ve always thought Hank was a brilliant agent it was just that he woukd never had considered Walt as the guy making the meth and was a bit of a dick

I now really want the final season to be fully black and white with a colour cold open in the 1st episode. That would be amazing

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thanks guys. I think I might have to plan a BB rewatch once this season is over. Think Season 1 might be improved by the knowledge we’ve gained by BCS.

Thought the latest episode was a bit weak after a very strong episode last week - think part of the problem is that they’ve got so many actors/characters/storylines being juggled that some of them suffer from being a bit weak? Not really been feeling Gus or Mike this season for instance. Was always the main problem I had with GoT tbh.

Even when it’s weakish it’s still a good watch though. The scene with him lobbing the stuff at Howard’s car was hilarious


Wasn’t sure what the significance of having Lyle do the fryer three times was?

Still my favourite show on TV. Kim is so pure :sob:

How many more seasons are there gonna be? Still think this is dead good but the fact that it’s a breaking bad prequel and there are a limited number of ways it can actually go is an inhibiting factor on my overall excitement about it cheers

Just1 more after this

You could say this is the penultimate season

You could


Basically, he was at the mercy of events at the culvert that were beyond his control. So to compensate he exerted a pathological level of control over poor Lyle.


I think partially projection of Gus’ worry about the plan. Call back to the Fly episode and what he expects?

I didn’t get the chucking of the bowling balls tbh.

I thought Gus was going to kill Lyle.

I did too a little. Feel like there’s been a lot of red this season hasn’t there?

Re bowling ball - didn’t Jimmy buy the balls before the meeting with Howard? Or are we just assuming the episode structure (well, intro) wasn’t linear?

Did watch 2-3 episodes in a feverish state last night so definitely missed some Things

I think it must have been non linear