Better Call Saul S4 thread


What a way to finish. Mike and Gus’s last scenes were perfect too.

Loved Lalo coming through the ceiling. Getting a big Coen Brothers Fargo type vibe from him and think he’ll be good value in the next season.


I think him and Nacho make a lovely pairing. Hopefully bit of a roadtrip buddy movie vibe from those two next season.


Gutted it’s over.


Watched it last night. Didn’t realise it was the last in the series. I did see the chewing gum thing coming though.


I had a flatscreen monitor on my home PC in 2002, and I’m hardly an early adopter.


I’m probably remembering spback in school when they wouldn’t have updated all the time & back home my parents had one of these bad boys



I’m really enjoying the show but anyone else not really convinced by the moral transformation of Jimmy into Saul?

I don’t think people change quite this thoroughly (outside of drama anyway).

I think the problem is that we saw Jimmy’s morality in early seasons and it’s distinctly at odds with his morality in the last couple. He clearly had a code of honour which disappears entirely by the time we see him in Breaking Bad. Doesn’t feel realistic to me.

Walt’s descent into criminality is much more credible because we never see that he was ever that decent a guy. We need to see someone’s virtue being tested to hold them as virtuous. Walt was someone waiting to go bad under the right circumstances whereas Jimmy seems like someone who would always have a streak of decency in him.


better than Breaking Bad?

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It depends how they play it over the next season(s). It’s possible that what we saw in Breaking Bad is just Jimmy doing the Saul thing for his clients, but it does seem weird that the first time we see him in BrBa he’s casually suggesting killing Badger like it’s nbd


Yeah I’m with you here. Found the last scene really jarring and I know that was the intention but it seems like a bit of an implausible switch for him as a character. I guess the point is that Chuck’s death has done this to him to an extent and he’s just unleashing it all now


Exactly how I saw it too - Chuck’s death having a massive impact on him mentally, despite Jimmy’s attempts to suppress it, and ‘turning into’ Saul was the manifestation of this


Yeah, that’s a big problem for me.

Doesn’t stop me enjoying the show because it’s such fun and other characters are great but I find the notion that Jimmy and Saul are the same people very hard to swallow.


Some of the plotting annoys me in BCS - like at the end of s1 he decides not to go to Davis & Maine, then is convinced to at the start of s2, and then decides mid s2 that he doesn’t want to do it, so he ends up right back where he was. They did the same thing at the end of s3 where he spends most of one episode getting the sandpiper people to settle, then loads of the next reversing that play.

In comparison Breaking Bad felt quite streamlined in that everything led on to the next thing, it always felt so natural and ‘real’ because everyone’s motivations were perfectly fleshed out


That’s what they’re trying to show us, for sure.

I just don’t believe this happens in real life.


That’s why I really like Better Call Saul. This isn’t a character that starts good and ends bad. He’s flawed from childhood, but he struggles to understand what the right path should be. He aspires to others, and others let him down. It’s a continual balance where only when he’s striving for himself does his character become ‘bad’.


Finally got round to this. Fucking hell it’s so good. I am more furious than ever about Rhea Seehorn’s lack of Emmy recognition. She is doing incredible work in this show as are Odenkirk and Banks.


So much competency porn throughout this season as well and it’s all done with such wonderfully concise visual storytelling. I could watch hours of Mike just systematically executing plans and the Jimmy and Kim equivalents are so much fucking fun to watch as well. Helluva show.


Will probably be good, but would love VG to try something else.


“follow the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom”.

So “Jesse Pinkman the movie” I assume?