Better Call Saul ⚖

season three starts this week!

i re-watched season 2 there and currently giving the first season a spin. it’s a wonderful show!


also, i don’t think this thread is similar to ANY of these

why are you sad now?

breaking sad

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better call @sean

Love it. Lots better than Breaking Bad imo, although he was always my favourite character in BB so I may be biased. Reckon he’ll change his name to Saul this season?

i think there’s a while yet until the transformation. but something big’s gonna happen this season with chuck and the mcgill name will be dirt.

i agree that this is better than Breaking Bad, and obviously gilligan should be attempting to make it so. as much as i loved BB at the time i do struggle to return to it, BCS has a much gentler pace to it and is pretty much devoid of annoying characters (the odd appearance of tuco aside)

Great show. It’s incredible how ‘slow’ it can be, yet still really interesting. That episode from the first season where you get Mike’s backstory is one of the all-time best hours of telly imo


Definitely prefer it to BB. Love how much of a shit Jimmy is while still having a weird moral core.


that was a fine episode but now i’m pre-emptively feeling really sad for ernesto :frowning2:

enjoyed the returns of fernando torres and richard osman

Watched the pilot episode and thought it was comfortably the dullest thing i’d ever seen.

I’ll give it another go, but there’s absolutely no way on fucking earth it’ll be anywhere near as good as Breaking Bad.

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Not an awful lot happened did it? Thought with the exception of the pre-credits bit it and the army man was mostly just killing time. That said they do the non-verbal storytelling stuff so well whenever Mike’s doing something really menial.

Was the bloke Mike bought the thing from the vet? I can’t remember him.

okay but what if i edit this post. what will it do. let’s find out

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Episode 3 - same with the binge thing, was so glad I had episode 3 ready straight after watching 2 though.

[spoiler]The whole tension of not knowing what Chuck’s plan was driving me crazy. Knowing how angry the guy was at Jimmy and how clever he was, I knew he had something big planned with the tape but hadn’t worked out what it was gonna be. Kind of a relief that his cards are on the table now even if it does mean that Saul is fucked.

Those scenes with Mike are just so beautiful and that scene with the shoes on the power line made me think twice when I saw some near where I live.

Liked the symbolism of the whole rolling the tape thing on the office decal and then getting so angry he ripped it off leaving a crooked line.

This series is shaping up to potentially be the best yet![/spoiler]

Up to S3, E5.

Nobody really thinks it’s comparable to Breaking Bad. Odenkirk grates with the increased screen time, Wexler’s not a convincing foil, the central storyline with his brother’s extraordinarily dull, it’s only really Ehrmantraut who saves it. Don’t get me wrong, i like it, and it’s not a pacing issue…it’s just not very engaging or interesting, bar Mike.

Agree to an extent with most of that, bar Odenkirk. Can’t get enough of that man, such a talented bloke.
This season definitely dragged in parts. Real bright spots being any time Giancarlo Esposito was on screen.