Better get down on Friday


Too warm. Sun is coming up and going to be yet another scorcher. Enjoy these photos of my pals.


Very close to getting up and getting into work early, very close indeed


Finally Friday. Felt like a long week. No real plans today


The longest week. Already at work catching up with things I couldn’t do yesterday. 9 more hours then it’s holiday time baby.


Last day at work for three weeks :partying_face:


Last day of holiday (other than the weekend ) :weary: got new job nerves already.

Nevertheless, it’s a sunny day so I’m going to attempt a coast walk. I say “attempt” because part of it is waterlogged in winter and sometimes you have to wade through a ditch to get to the other side.


Stay safe out there @plasticniki


On the Beroca. Everyone in the house is suffering with hayfever. Got Darkside later and drinks with friends before and after. Just want to sleep in an igloo.

Gotta go into the office for a conference dress rehearsal (no, me neither) then do all the work I still didn’t finish yesterday. A new least productive week ever; possibly

Probably hit the beach or park later, will be chill


I’m in A&E with suspected muscle tear, great stuff. Whatever it is, it happened in my leg just as I jumoed into the ocean last night, didn’t hit anything, just jumped the way I always do, and BAM.

Looking forward to my 18 hr train journey on Mon/Tues :joy:

Morning troops!

The busiest week of the year is almost over, with zero let up.

Bid proposal is due in today. I hope we get it.

I am feeling rough. Going to walk the dog to get nice coffee in Giffnock and do some music listening.

The busiest weekend starts tomorrow. Fuck.

Morning all,

dog woke me up early - not sure what she was yapping about but it’s caused me to have tiny tiny eyes.

AS such, i have nothing. gonna walk the kids/dog listen to some emo and try and be better.

Have fun fools x

sorry to hear this - hopefully it’s only suspected and you will get well soon! stupid ocean.



Feel rough today. Really achey.

Could do with popping to Aldi but apart from that and a quick spin with the dog, I think I’ll be spending the day on the sofa.

Going to a music festival for the weekend. Weather forecast is not good lmao


Who you looking forward to most


Another scorchio day, marred by a blister on my little toe, caused by walking to the pub last night in my ancient mules (did I see @shes_so_high leaving around the time I arrived, or does she have a doppelgänger in Brighton?)

We were meant to have a shopping delivery this morning, and had a holding order in, but last night apparently Sainsbury’s systems were down while my other half was trying to update things, so who knows what’s going to arrive

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Hot Chip maybe? Or Jon Hopkins. Also Jockstrap as probably the first act I’ll see today. And maybe Candi Staton for those two Big Songs

Lineup here

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Oh yeah new avatar, first since the Big Pic.


Office day, or rather I’m going to be going to the office to largely sit on my own for the next two weeks to work on stuff than can’t leave site.

Not leaving to 9 though. Nobody else has to go to the office so I now see commute time as work time.