Better get down on Friday

Just Mustard, Squid, Pillow Queens and Los Bitchos in one day is very nice


Essential quality control testing (new beer innit)


Personally I blame this 30 degree weather in the big city, only further proof that I velong in the north

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Its Ashes day. The day we all get burnt to ashes


Warm Heat Wave GIF by Barstool Sports


I’m now on Christ Brunt’s wikipedia page

Morning angels

Waiting for the shopping then going for waxing. Need to put away so much laundry. Maybe i can just…hide it?

Hope everything’s ok @whiterussian sounds painful :two_hearts:

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Yellowhammer hanging out on a climbing frame at my daughter’s school


On the one hand, promising clients quick turnaround on stuff lets me appear very responsive and generates a helpful sense of urgency to keep my squirrel brain engaged enough to do good, efficient work.

On the other hand, FUCK SAKE I’ve got loads to do today and tomorrow and probably Sunday.

Is Father’s Day your second busiest holiday? After Xmas, I assume.

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Morning all!

North West Glasgow is warm and sunny.

I’m not wearing shorts today because I’m doing assessments with students after lunch. I’ve got some marking and reading to do before then though.

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Morning DiS

Not the best start to my Friday at 3amish this morning when (cw a bit gross) mini vomited a huge amount of milk and yogurt over herself/me/my side of the bed, so up ages cleaning/showering/settling baby. Though did manage to get a decent stretch of sleep after. Now walking to the Drs for my smear test so yehh. Though the sun is shining, birds are singing so its a pleasant walk.

Waterbabies later, then got to go to the Stoke City shop at the stadium to pick up a present for Mr s_ws brothers birthday. Undecided between bucket hat or shorts. Might do a poll actually.

Takeaway for tea. Maybe kebabs. Maybe pizza.

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Morning all.

It’s officially strawberry season in my garden now with the first bumper harvest from my two strawberry plants this morning.



Got out on my bike for an hour or so and still made it back in time to be showered with breakfast ready for an 8:30 call. Pleased about that


Having coffee no 3, morning is busy with calls but this afternoon is ok.

Can you post the full outfit in one pic please


i got up super early and got my groceries done by half eight :sunglasses:

housemate’s dog took a big ole dump in the kitchen though :expressionless:

I’m going on an arcade date tomorrow. I haven’t arcaded in about a decade

Which pub?!

Basketmakers, obvs! About 8-ish

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