Better Oblivion Community Center (Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst)


Getting into it now. I’m a dickhead.


didnt realise NME was a thing


Which Conor Oberst releases are worth checking out?


Do you mean solo or Bright Eyes stuff too?


Most Bright Eyes is good, but fevers and mirrors and lifted are the masterpieces
Desaparecidos first album
The self titled solo album, and upside down mountain


I would add Ruminations to that too.

@beastie Bright Eyes albums are all fairly different. Wide Awake has very strong songs but is also the most commercial and not as interesting as the other albums.


I never got into Ruminations, but the consensus would be that it is up there. I don’t know why I dont like it, on paper I should, I just don’t think the songs are particularly good, and thought upside down mountain was loads better


Fair enough. I think with ruminations everyone was excited to hear stripped down Conor again. Personally I never got on with Upside down Mountain as much as his other stuff, felt a bit like treading water singer song writer stuff. But that everyone loves different albums of his shows what a great writer he is.


Im also a big fan of digital ash




All the Bright Eyes ones except Cassadaga
Both Desapraceidos albums


Quite a bit of Conor / Bright Eyes chat and recommendations here. For me I’d go for Lifted… as a first Bright Eyes album to check out (his/their best in my view but they’re all pretty damn good) and of Conor’s more recent solo stuff Ruminations is great and definitely worth a listen (I personally didn’t like the Salutations album that followed at all but each to their own)


it’s so weird to see conor and him not look like this anymore


not heard Phoebe Bridgers before but this sounds pretty great so far and will be going back to her album (is it named after the infamous re-dubbing of Big Lebowski? I hope so :smiley: )


Yes it is! :laughing:


Really liking this!

Not quite up there with boygenius (my intro to Bridgers) but that was one of my fave records of last year, and is quite different I guess, so maybe it’s unfair to compare them.


his nose has got bigger


I got into Bridgers fairly recently, didnt twig she supported him in London the time before last


love that conor still uses a baritone

also, nick zinner!


Yeah that was my introduction to her. Her albums great too. Never knew about the big lebowski thing.