Better Oblivion Community Center (Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst)


remember there was some moron in the audience that kept shouting request for ‘first day of my life’ and booing other songs during C-dogs set


when i saw Bright Eyes in Portsmouth in 2005 someone kept doing the ‘oooh yes’ from the Churchill Car Insurance adverts all the way through the gig, much to Conor’s bemusement - they eventually changed tack to yelling ‘fish & chips!’ after he mentioned the band had it for dinner. seemed to handle it pretty well from what i remember.


I think I might of been there, the wedge wood rooms? definitely remember something about fish and chips


missed the train home for that gig too, stranded in portsmouth


The rule with bright eyes albums is the ones the better the good stuff is, the worse the bad stuff is. Definitely my favourite artist to have never made a single stone cold 10/10 consistently great album

Would chuck a mention for noise floor, too. Really good as far as B side collections go


what’s bad on fevers?


definitely an objectively wrong opinion, think Bright Eyes are one of the few acts to make proper use of the album format, fevers and mirrors, lifted, i’m wide awake, peoples key are all consistently great


The fake radio interview with the guy from the faint.


humorously explores many of the themes and contradictions of the album and bright eyes project, a highlight, great intro to his best song


I’ve listened to it once, found it very self indulgent and boring, and skipped it every time I’ve listened to fevers since :man_shrugging:


I mean it’s an album by a 20 year old, it’s not surprising that there are bits that are a bit cringey, it’s still very great


Is it me or has Digital Ash aged… really well? Think because it’s so on the nose it was scoffed at a bit at the time and since but I think that level of sincerity has become a lot more widespread, even in terms of critical reception.

I wonder if Pitchfork had something to do with that given around then they probably held the most sway as an alt(?)-tastemaker and were particularly dismissive of such bare knuckle writing, whereas they’ve totally changed (as his wider discourse) in that regard

Thematically/conceptually it’s genuinely quite bold and interesting. Admittedly I think maybe 25% of it is a little lacking in the pure songwriting but I think that’s made up for by the cohesive production and atmosphere.

Better than Postal Service LP imo


Agreed. And actually not out there at all anymore.

Like it lots.


Far, far better than the Postal Service.

It’s been in my top 3 with Fevers and Lifted since it came out. Never understood why it was in any way deemed inferior to I’m Wide Awake, I preferred it more at the time and still love it now.


It’s starts a bit slow but apart from that its excellent I think, really surprised how well Phoebe Bridgers voice suits the electronic track.


I love Digital Ash and listened to it on the way home, it really is great and the themes and sounds work really well together.

I say People’s Key is the closest thing he’s done to Digital Ash feels kind of a companion album in some ways ie a bit more electronic/less folky than other stuff and seen as a curio by some fans.


Stranger in the alps, boygenius, and this is a pretty remarkable run of 3 albums (well one e.p but still) from 3 different projects in the space of 16 months.


Pitchfork gave Digital Ash 7.2 though (or did they slate it elsewhere regardless) - I do remember the British music mags giving I’m Wide Awake great reviews and then slating Digital Ash (I think one of them gave it one star)


There is no bad Bright Eyes album is there, ata push I’d say Casadaga is the weakest but every LP has at least a couple of moments that stop me in my tracks every time.


Service Road is the high point, imo. Love the drums.