Better Oblivion Community Center (Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst)


This is pretty fucking great, liking it more than Stranger in the Alps - there’s a bit more bite and variety in tones and textures. My first AOTY contender, the opening pair is sublime.


The guitar loop and general percussion on My City remind anyone else of Lemon Jelly?

  • Yes, jelly much so
  • No you are a lemon

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Of course they’re playing Berlin 2 days before I get there in May.


Wheres the tour info?


I just read from a German site they’re playing Berlin on 7th May, can’t find the full list of dates. Sorry


Not sure. The vocal melody in it reminds me of The Feel Good Revolution from A Collection of Songs

And the guitar line on Forest Line is very similar to Act of Contrition on Noise Floor.


Truly an all time awful name for a band or project though right?


nah, I like it, even if it sounds like a prog rock band


Really loving this, just have to wait a month now for the physical release.


I agree entirely. Although I’m not sure if that’s just because to me it’s the track on the album that sounds most like a Bright Eyes song. Love the album closer as well, and just the whole record tbh

Edit - and I’ve never actually listened to Stranger in the Alps but I’m guessing I should get on that now too! Given how much I’ve enhoyed this and boygenius


Stranger In The Alps is such a good record, and this is almost as good. A real pleasant surprise. Not sure why I haven’t given the boygenius EP a lot of listens, I’m a big fan of everyone involved


I am loving Big Black Heart, particular like the “Alright, alright for now” outro with the heavier guitars.


The Dylan Thomas one sounds like Sheryl Crow


I agree, it’s brilliant.


The last three tracks are probably my favourite, love the solo vocal bit in Dominos where Phoebie Bridgers sings about walking home stoned.


Think this is the first time I’ve actually really enjoyed an Oberst album in about 15 years. Everything Bridgers has done so far is good


Forest Lawn is a lovely one.


You didn’t like Ruminations? Thought it was a return to form. The first ‘solo’ record has some decent tunes too. Agree the rest of his output over the last decade or so has been below par though.


Should go back to it. Didn’t like the first couple of solo albums. Remember it being better but not great


I’d say his only week recent albums are Outer South (although much better without the other guys songs, see my post in the other thread) and Upside down mountain. Actually still undecided on Salutations. I enjoyed up but need to revisit.