Better Oblivion Community Center (Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst)


I don’t think either of them are great songwriters, but I’m going to give this a go.

did like the boygenius EP a lot, and there are Bright Eyes songs I think are good, so it’s not like I have no basis for enjoying it.


Weird how out outer south would have been alright without those songs and adding the gentleman’s pact songs


Yeah, I made a version of it with the gentleman’s pact and one of my kind songs instead of the ones written by other members and I really like it now. So much better than what was released.


Forgot about one of my kind, that makes it even better


Yeah, the last minute is amazing.


Mad that breezy isn’t on an album


Really like the first solo album. Thought it might have been because it was the first thinrg of his I’d ever heard but listened to it earlier this month and it still holds up. Cape Canaveral and Money Lenders in the Temple are gorgeous


Yeah one of his best I’d say.


Milk Thistle’s a beaut too.


After the initial excitement none of these songs have really sunk in


In that nme interview they mention Dominos is a cover so I googled it and it’s by Taylor Hollingsworth who I think was in the Mystic Valley Band.


Yeah this is just great. Been playing it a lot over the weekend.

Tour please.


I would do that same meme but the girlfriend is ‘excitement for new Ryan Adams records’. This is totally great, I love it


Quite like how exception to the rule has hints of digital ash


Here’s my interview with them… part 2 - their favourite melancholic songs, is coming later this week


Listened to this a couple of times now and it’s not really doing anything for me.

Think there’s maybe too much Conor and not enough Phoebe. Nowhere near the level of Stranger in the Alps or the Boygenius stuff.


Heads up, LME


UK TOUR - :smiley::open_mouth:
London & Manchester - :thinking::roll_eyes:


Am going to be out the country having Berlin fun times


You could do this one maybe?