Better Oblivion Community Center (Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst)


Getting there on the 9th, so not really


Ah shite


Will go to the Manchester show. This and then Big Thief, May is looking good.


If of use to anyone, the presale for this is up on O2 Priority.


fuck. Had this on the list when I saw the ever growing response on here. Just got around to listening to it now, absolutely floored. Love me some Oberst, I’m a big Mystic Valley Band guy. Love Phoebe too, great songwriter. Tight production here. Love it, nothing more…


This is nice enough I guess, dont quite get the fuss


much less than the sum of their parts


Worth 4 minutes of your life

Check out @BBC6Music’s Tweet:


Hadn’t heard a whisper of this collaboration until a friend shared this interview on Facebook last week. I am crap for listening to new music over old favourites but love this album.

Bristol for us I think. Also, I appear to be the only one who liked Cassadaga :grin:


Tbh Cassadaga is my favourite thing he’s done. Although that might be because it was the first one I heard. I was also 16 and obsessed with Cormac McCarthy. Kinda the ideal audience…


Cassadaga is great. Hot knives is one of the best.


Make a Plan to Love Me, though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The Four Winds EP is worth a listen if you like that era. Great b-sides. There’s one with M Ward that is top.


Lol fair enough.
Aye have it in both the 2 x 7"s and the USA 12" records.


I can’t get enough of the LP. The hooks are incredible. Haven’t had an LP on repeat this much for ages.


Got one ticket for Shepherds Bush for sale, if anyone wants it? Bought it before realising they were also playing Bristol, which is far more convenient for me.

I’ll eat the fees and call it £29. Ticket hasn’t arrived yet but I should still be able to edit the delivery address…


Ground standing?




i’ll take it, PayPal?


Awesome! Yeah, that’s be grand. Will PM you my PayPal details when I get home from work and have have another quick check to make sure I can still change the address…