Better Oblivion Community Center (Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst)


How is the O2 Ritz as a venue? Tempted to travel down to Manchester for it but ugh Sunday gig


Yeah i keep weighing up, couple of weeks before holiday so leaning towards no


Just going to be a mega pain (if not impossible) to get back that night and taking a day off work for a gig isn’t ideal to me. Could try and manage a half day I suppose …


Ritz is an old ballroom (with spring floor) which got refurbished a few years ago. I quite like it as a venue though sometimes need to pick your spot sound-wise.
I also got trampled unconscious there at a Dark Angel show in 1989 so it will always have a special place in my heart… :grimacing:


A new single is being sold at shows.


Hope they made plenty!


See you at the London show mates!


Bought this at the weekend and it is so good, I have scrapped BOTH my “never going to Bristol Academy again” and “might give up going to gigs altogether” rules.

That good.


Totally agreed. Stunning LP. Can’t wait to Shepherds Bush.


Love this album. Very sad I can’t make the Shepherds Bush gig.


Just cannot stop listening to this. Absolutely love everything about it!

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Weird how well their voices blend, c-dog’s voice being an acquired taste and all

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Same here. Best album Conor has be involved with in years. ‘Exception to the Rule’ could fit nicely on Digital Ash. The second BOCC album should be all in that style.


Reckon the whole album is quite similar to upside down mountain


I’ll have to give that album a proper listen tbh

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Have you heard the alternative version of sleepwalkin?
It’s well digital ash

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Ooh… I have not…


B side of little trouble. It’s on the streaming sites

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Listening right now and I see exactly what you mean. This is so great…


Yes lads.