Better Things (Pamela Adlon/Louis CK new show)


Anyone watched this then? First episode aired on Thursday and it seems promising, similarly disjointed feel to Louie but a bit less surreal and obviously with an entirely different perspective being shown. Think I’ll enjoy it. And you?


Yeah seems the sort of thing i would be in to. first episode was decent enough, Don’t think I actually laughed at anything though? She’s a fucking great screen presence or whatever you call it.


Where can I watch it? Saw a couple of things about it and it looked good.


*Better Than Things


Came here to post ^this


Download innit, don’t think it’s airing over here any time soon. Thursday nights on FX in the states though.




I don’t especially like her but I guess I’ll fucking watch it…


That’s the spirit!


Enjoyed it even though the teenage daughter storyline was a bit cringeworhty. Also it really made me want to watch King of the Hill…


she’s also good in jungle cubs


Ah brilliant - I remember this show! She also did the voice for Spinelli in Recess :astonished:

Have you seen the film ‘In a world’? Parts reminded me of that too. I do love a good film set behind the scenes in the film industry.


Anyone else seen the second and third episodes?


Just like you to know I have now d/l these.


Yeah, they were fine but I’m hoping it picks up a bit tbh. Second one was decent, third one was ok but a bit hackneyed with the racist Mum stuff.


Yeah exactly. It’s not really shaked off its Louie-isms but there is good stuff in there.

I liked the brief David Duchovny cameo though :grinning:


Yeah, Duchovny was great. It’s in a weird limbo between being too much like Louie to not feel like it’s own thing but not enough like Louie for it to be really interesting.


Yeah that’s pretty spot on! CK just seems very involved and you can definitely tell. He has writing credits for all of the first three episodes and directed the pilot…


Watched the last two episodes of the back to back so it all blended into one. I love how loose the structure is and I find it very easy to watch. The last scene in the changing room crushed me.