Please tilt your head to the right


fucking LOVE me a ritter.

the white and hazlenut is insane


What is it better than?


Not having one




75p to 100p for the full range in Waits today.


fuck that’s a steal. get one of each right?


raisins in chocolate bars

  • yes please
  • get them out now!!

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I bought three for £2.75 but as I am WFH tomorrow I may go back…


just seems silly not to smash through them all and create a league table while they’re so cheap


I was thinking of making a pair of trousers out of the wrappers.


Like the coconut one and the mint one. Hazelnut was pretty disappointing. I bought a rum and raisin one a few weeks ago but haven’t been able to find it - could be somewhere on my car…


It’s really good. I approached with caution but it was very tasty (if you like rum raisin).


didn’t know there was coconut. very sold on the idea though


i’m getting absolutely mullered, here



You are fucking with a classic combo, pal. No one recovers from that.


I have only had the marzipan one.


Did you watch the Miniaturist? She was really into Marzipan.