Beyoncé and JAY-Z - Everything Is Love

New Bey and Jay album out now. Only up on Tidal for now though, innit

Don’t care, until its not a Tidal exclusive.

Don’t think any of Jay-Z’s stuff is on Spotify these days. But a mate of mine told me he ripped it for free off some place called the Internet.

Also low key lol at Jay releasing this the day after Nas’s album

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i think that’s fortunate timing for Jay because apparently their tour date in London tonight was basically a huge launch party for this (still lol though*)

got infinite time for Beyonce saying “get off my dick” in a music video shot in the fucking Louvre

*its actually mad to consider that it’s 2018 and Jay Z is releasing a surely huge album with Beyonce, Nas is part of a strange Kanye G.O.O.D. music rollout 7 song album stategy, and Jay and Kanye don’t really interact


ah fair. i’d already started forming conspiracy theories about jay beefing with ye, ye going off to make an album with nas, them releasing that, jay killing their buzz with this…

but that makes much more sense

Some BARS in this, particularly from Jay, but the instrumental’s not up to much.

That video though? Fuck me. Wish I had Louvre money.

would absolutely love to know how much it costs to hire out the Louvre for a music video shoot. that opening shot with the Mona Lisa ffs.

even if Kanye hires out the State Hermitage and recreates Russian Ark with the entire Kardashian clan he’ll still be behind


Video gets 10/10 from me.

Song only about 6/10 though.


Beyoncé’s bits on this album are better than JAY-Z’s. Would now like a follow-up to Lemonade.

Haven’t heard it yet, but this is typically the way with their collabs. Seems to bring out the worst, mushiest material from Jay

That sample on Lovehappy was done miles better by Killer Mike and Joey Purp

The first thing I noticed is that the title is similar to Kanye’s original album title, “LOVE EVERYONE”. Seems to me like a jibe at him changing his mind on it.

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Was at the Bey/Jay show at London stadium last night. They ended the show by premiering the Apeshit video then the giant screens just said ALBUM OUT NOW, was kinda cool at the time.

Haven’t heard the whole album yet but this song is pretty meh. Video is good though, even the choreography is blatantly biting on Vanessa Beecroft and her work for Kanye.

It was very noticeable at the show how their collab songs have got much worse. We’ve gone from the amazing Bonnie & Clyde/Upgrade U/Deja Vu/Crazy in Love to the mawkishly terrible On the Run/Family Feud via the pretty great Drunk in Love.

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Bonnie and Clyde was pretty rubs. It might seem decent with a heavy dose of nostalgia, but it defs wasn’t up to much at the time. And Jay’s bit on Crazy in Love still does it’s very best to ruin an otherwise great song


I like the song actually. Is that Gucci Mane making weird noises in the background? And yeah, the Jay-z parts arent great but that’s less to do with the chemistry and everything to do with the fact that a Jay-Z verse isn’t what it used to be. That said, I am enjoying his preposterous new image.


Usually I’m completely captivated by a new Beyonce release, but I’m not convinced this is all that good. Initially I was loving it, but the novelty wore off 5 tracks in and I stopped listening.

Summer is the best track for me but, I was probably one of the few who thinks All Night is the best track on Lemonade

It would be the best thing he’s done for years though so I’d be fully on board.

On Spotify Premium and Apple Music now, and will be on Spotify for everyone in two weeks apparently

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