BFI Flare Festival 2019

It’s nearly over. Did anyone go to any/many films? I’ve had fun attending as usual. I’ve two films booked tomorrow and that’s my festival.

Anyone else go this year?

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Yeah I’ve seen a few - got 6 more over the next 2 days.

Highlights so far have been Brazilian drama Socrates and Austrian black comedy Greta.

Was disappointed with the Monty Clift doc, seemed muddled and uneven. Shame as I was looking forward to it.

I’ve seen a few since last week. Yesterday’s Papi Chulo was the best so far. Sunburn and Knife+Heart for me today.

I didn’t but my friend’s film was on the programme - Deep in Vogue.

I’m a bad friend and haven’t seen it but it seems to be having a fair bit of success. Did anyone see it?

Highlight for me this year was probably Jose - a beautifully shot and paced film with an all-Guatemalan crew. Giant Little Ones was also good.

Yep, I saw it. Enjoyed it a lot.

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Papi Chulo was the best I saw this festival. I love those bittersweet films. The cast were great. The whole film struck a personal nerve with me. I really loved it.

Night Comes On was a great film too.

The short films shown as a part of “Girls Wanna Have Fun” were warm, inspiring and just fun.

They’re my top three of the festival. I went to ten films in total. Fun festival as always.