BFI Flare - London LGBT Film Festival 2017

Programme is out - seems like usual mix of interesting looking stuff and coming-of-age pap that has been done a million times before.

Intrigued by

The Untamed
Free Cece
Seat in Shadow
Shadow and Act
The Permanent Perception
A date for Mad Mary
Handsome Devil
Political Animals
It’s Only The End Of The World (although this is released this week)
Trials and Liberations
The Ornithologist
Pushing Dead

Hm, that’s actually quite a lot when written down. Anyone else off to much?

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Will probably book some stuff on pay day and report back

so far considering

Don’t Call Me Son
Raising Zoe
A Date For Mad Mary
Out of Iraq
West North West

I always enjoy this festival. It coincides with me killing off annual leave before the end of March. I get to see some decent films in the afternoon and early evening that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to. I’m seeing Against The Law tomorrow evening, A Date For Mad Mary and Don’t Call Me Son. I might see Centre Of My World next Tuesday too.

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The Untamed looks good

Booked for

Free Cece
Seat in Shadow
Shadow and All
A date for mad mary
Handsome Devil
Trials & Liberations
The Ornithologist
Its only the end of the world
Pushing dead

Looking forward to it!

Just saw Against The Law. A very good drama. I didn’t know about the actual case involved (because I’m a thick, ignorant man) but thought it was moving and rightfully triumphant in parts. Funny too. I wasn’t expecting to laugh out loud as often too. Catch it if you can. If not, it’ll be shown on The BBC in a few months.

Will probably see two or three films. Only The Handmaiden booked so far.

I saw A Date For Mad Mary earlier today with a friend. Brilliant fun. Warm and laugh out loud.

Tomorrow it’s me alone for a film called Don’t Call Me Son. It looks good.

How’s your festival going?

My festival started last night

Free Cece - Doc about a trans woman that was jailed after her attacker died when she retaliated in self defence. Laverne Cox features heavily and Cece was a really inspiring presence, it’s just a shame that the film was let down by some jarring editing and soundtrack choices (really don’t need blaring r’n’b music when you’re describing details of a brutal attack).

FtWTF: Female to what the fuck Really engaging doc about gender-queer folks in Austria, all round very enjoyable company and some very funny and touching moments. Recommended.

The Handmaiden is the best film I saw last year. The three hour run time flies by, every shot is beautiful and it’s surprisingly hilarious. Enjoy!

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It’s on general release from April 14 too.

Am really looking forward to it. :slight_smile: Enjoyed all the films of his that I’ve seen.

End of my festival. I saw Against The Law on the opening night, A Date For Mad Mary on Sunday, Don’t Call Me Son on Monday, Centre Of My World yesterday and Untamed earlier tonight.

I probably enjoyed the A Date For Mad Mary night out the most as I was with a mate (and an ex-DiSer).

Untamed was odd. I didn’t know where it was going and still don’t but very very watchable. I’ve come back (drunk) from an Austra gig after the Untamed film. A nice night out after the horrible news. Forgive the cliché but diversity and togetherness beats those that try to divide us.

I always look forward to Flare. I kill annual leave days and see great films. I hope you guys enjoy your festival as much as I did.

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I was at Untamed too, not really sure what it was all about but enjoyed it a lot!

The Handmaiden was great. The fact that it was ignored completely by the Oscars sums up everything that’s wrong with them. Beautifully shot, great sets and costumes. Classic Park Chan Wook characters- what more could you ask for?