BFI Flare - London LGBT Film Festival 2018

Programme is out

Not loads grabbing me this year and its a shame they’ve got rid of the Cult strand, but intrigued by

Sidney and Friends
Cinema of AIDS
Rift (Missed this at LFF)
The Wound (ditto)
Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Fashion & Disco (ditto)
The 34th
Happy Prince
Conversations with Gay Elders
Quiet heroes
Malila: The Farewell Flower
Postcards from London

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Anyone going to anything?

I’ve got Days Of Mercy and Air tomorrow.

Had a ticket for The Carmilla Movie on Friday but will go to a ex-workmates meet up instead.

Then Tomorrow Never Knows on Saturday.

Yeah I booked all the above, and my annual BFI Flare cold has arrived just in time! Wouldn’t be the same without it.

I’m obviously not there, have only seen Rift from that list and seem to remember I quite liked it! Iceland does do spooky quite well, after all.

If you’re there tomorrow night you can have my Carmilla ticket for Friday evening if you want? I’ll be there for Air.

(The ticket is free of course.)

Ah thanks but already seeing two films on Friday evening.

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Have a great festival.

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How’s your festival going?

I had My Days Of Mercy and Air booked for today. I had a three hour gap between films where I was planning on getting food and just reading my book but booked Paternal Rites blind after leaving Mercy. Great fun day. I haven’t seen three films in a row at a cinema before.

My Days Of Mercy was brilliant. I’m a grumpy cynical old bastard but it was an emotional film and shed a few tears. Great film 8.5/10.

Paternal Rites was very interesting and a well made piece of personal autobiographical work. Completely different topics but reminded me of Sarah Polley’s The Stories We Tell. The film maker who did everything i.e. film, edit, direct etc. was at the screening. He’s a transgender. Seemed like a really nice bloke and I was able to tell him his film was excellent. Again an 8.5/10.

Air. Very dull. It just didn’t work for me. I had some wine in my bag that I drunk with the film and so it made the film bearable. It was a no brainer and it buffered other thoughts I had in my head whilst watching and so not a total waste. 5/10. (Probably a 4/10 but overall it was a good day and I stayed slightly more optimistic.)

Just the one today, Martyr, which was quite an interesting reflection on grief even if it did make the process of losing a loved one er, quite sexy?

Did have a ticket to the AIDS in film lectures but my pals were in the pub so I bailed.

Oh and I have a ticket I can’t use for Sidney & Friends on Saturday