BFI London Film Festival 2019

Things are starting to warm up now:

‘BFI London Film Festival is also pleased to announce that there will be simultaneous preview screenings of The Irishman taking place at cinemas across the UK’ - Good news as the closing gala is usually 30 odd quid

The new Iannucci David Copperfield adaptation is opening, which I have exceptionally little interest in.

Can’t wait to see the new, sprawling epic from Martin Scorsese on fucking Netflix after it gets the bare minimum theatrical release to be awards eligible.


Programme is out

Might have a year off, aside from whatever I can blag. I’m away for half of it, anyway.

I always get excited, then overwhelmed by choice. Got any top tips?

Get a hard copy of the programme and use a highlighter.

We don’t pick anything that will have a major release, or which is scheduled to come out before New Year UNLESS we really want to see a particular director/actor at a Q&A.

(i.e. my girlfriend will go to every film starring Ethan Hawke just in case he’s there in person)

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Always a good idea, nothing as annoying as making a real effort to see a film fest event on a specific day, only to realise that it’s on nationwaide release two weeks later.

Nic Cage in a Lovecraft adaptation :smiley: !!! Also the new Quintin ‘mr oizo’ Dupieux. Loads of other things that look interesting as ever

Now that is a top tip!

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Yep, same here. I now just leave it 'til the weeks of the festival itself and see whatever weird shit is still on sale on days/evenings that I’m free/fancy going to the cinema. There’s always loads. I’d often get over zealous and book tickets for a 9pm screening on a Monday, then had to kill 3.5 hours in the west end after work. Rubbish.

I also swerve anything that’ll get a imminent wide release (or even digital release like the Irishman!). Realised I rarely enjoy Q&As so no longer bothered about those. And if it’s someone awesome it’s a nightmare to get tickets for anyway as the website inevitably melts down on release day.

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Just booked ours. We’re restricted by what is showing at a weekend or on a wednesday evening, so here are our picks:

Dude In Me
Wet Season
The Report
Lucky Grandma
Rare Beasts
Family Romance, LLC

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Just got a lot of the big guns:

The Lighthouse
Jojo Rabbit
Colour Out Of Space
Knives Out

My bank account has taken a bit of a hammering.

The Lighthouse
The Traitor
Zombi Child
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
The Painted Bird
The Whistlers
Illustrious Corpses
Little Joe

Bring on the grim!


That’s Bacarau

Earlier today I booked:

Joy To The World (shorts)
This Is Not Berlin
And Then We Danced
Walking With Shadows
London Calling (shorts)

None of these have a UK distribution or release date yet.

Colour out of space sold out before general sale which is a bit gutting.

Still …
New World Order
Saint Maud
What Remains
The Deathless Woman
The Juniper Tree
Judy and Punch

Three of those as part of the Experimenta deal. May get more closer to the time or something.

Synchronic was the only thing I was massively bothered about getting tickets to but a friend has offered me tickets to Lucky Grandma as well, should be a nice little weekend.

Coming up for two days and really looking forward to it.

Seeing Bacurau, Little Joe and Atlantics on the 5th, and Fire Will Come and Portrait of a Lady on Fire on the 8th (fire theme unintentional), then hoping the rest I’m excited about comes to Cinecity in Brighton.

Got a few today.

Zombi Girl
The Whistlers

Wanted to see Synchronic and Manos but the screening times aren’t ideal for me. Hopefully they both get a decent release.