BFI Player

Thought I might as well start a thread for those of us who are above Netflix and the like where we can discuss new additions, etc.

Watched anything good on it recently?

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Identifying Features, best new release I’ve seen for ages.

Also enjoyed System Crasher last week.

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I second Identifying Features, remarkable stuff

how many films does it have?
is it better than mubi? would have to faff around with a vpn but tempted to try it out. just cancelled mubi to save money though

agree that System Crasher is really good

I subscribed last summer (I think). A lot of good stuff on there.

Identifying Features is on my to watch list. I enjoyed Force Majeure on there last week.

Have you seen any/many Éric Rohmer films? They’ve quite a few on there. I’d seen The Sign Of Leo and The Green Ray at The BFI when they had a Rohmer season on at The BFI many years ago and I’ve caught up with some of his others with BFi Player in recent months.
I absolutely loved Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle and The Aviator’s Wife is great too. They’re there too.

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Very tempted to get a subscription for this. I’ve had mubi for about a year and love it.

This is very good.

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Also, Red Road if you haven’t seen it.