BH Monday

Didn’t sleep much at all, then the boy was sick at half five. Now his nose is totally blocked and he can’t get back to sleep.

Not going to be a good day.

Hope yours goes better folks.

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If you happen to have them, Olbas Oil in one of those Muji vapouriser things

does wonders!

Anyway, I wish your boy the best. Last night my wife decided we weren’t going to be able to go and see Avengers Endgame together thanks to its running time so I popped to the local cinema to watch it at 8.30.

After 30 minutes the entire block suffered a power cut. So now I’ve got to go back (tonight probably) and either sit through the boring opening 30 minutes or be late entry twat and annoy the other cinema goers while obviously feeling anxious about timing it wrong in any case. Maybe I can sit alone up the back and read my kindle…

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Ah, thanks. Have olbas oiled his pillows and it seems to be helping a bit… Sorry to hear about your cinema trip that’s irritating.

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Morning he, Theo, all. I was woken up by a taxi idling outside my house. Why is idling a thing? Felt like shouting at him from my window. Now I’m up and distinctly still tired, but unsure of whether to try and get another couple of hours or just put up, get up and make some scrambled eggs.

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Ah yeah, classic idling engines being really loud. Frustrating as fuck. I think noises are so much worse when you’re trying to sleep too.

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In Edinburgh Airport waiting for a flight to Copey hagen days

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Hey. Kiddo’s first birthday today. Will end up doing something, but no idea what yet. Hopefully a walk or something.

@Unlucky beer trip?


Happy birthday to baby-t! :tada:


Aaaaargh HATE this! Why do they have to idle for so long as well? The way my flat is built means that a rattly old taxi diesel engine really echoes off the walls at 4 o’clock in the fucking morning. Why not get dropped off by the road and walk the 50 metres or whatever as a little consideration to your neighbours?
(Like I fucking do if I ever get a smash home)

Cor, sorry about that…


Morning everyone. Off to work in a bit. That’s all really.

I forgot to deactivate my alarm for this morning

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Bit of a lie in. Breakfast combined with election news analysis with dad. Then a day walking around the North Devon coast and NT properties with the fam.

Gonna make a coffee, then read my book and listen to some music as recommended by the DiS music board.

Nothing to do today really. Gonna go for a bike ride but I’m still too nervous to be on the roads so I can’t even go to the shop :open_mouth:

I am working from home today so I can hang out with our new cat and make sure she is settling in OK. She is currently hiding under the bed, I think it’s unlikely she’ll come out today.


Good morning he_2 and Happy Bank Holiday to you and everyone.
I really am done with being polite.
I do not have to listen to your ‘point of view’ if you’re an anti choice, fascist bellend.
That’s about it.
Really gonna relish telling people to go fuck themselves.
Chris was really great.
Have a good day x


Morning turnstiles, all,

Someone decided that it would be a good idea to leave me a voicemail. Logically I’m sure it was a friend trying to contact me at the festival or on the way home. In fact, everything got really confusing at Ealing on the way home and it was probably just one of them saying they’d gone to the platform. In actual fact though it’s someone delivering the most awful of newses.

Thought I was in the bad books but then put on CRJ and a wee snuggler came knocking at my nook. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Drank too much drinking wine last night. Neither big, nor clever. Would probably make the same mistakes again.


I’m at a Travelodge in Borehamwood. I’m ready to go down for breakfast but getting the nephew moving has been a challenge.

Chances of having breakfast made for me

  • @Gnometorious is a master breakfast maker
  • Didn’t you see hash browns in the freezer yesterday?
  • Oh jeez, there are wraps downstairs. Actual wraps and they have gone off by the tame ypu get back from holiday, this can only mean one thing… ENCHILADAS!
  • Gnomes are not breakfastisers
  • I sometimes think thr cat is judging me for my excessive use of polls, she physically left the room
  • Dedicated is wall to wall bangers
  • What’s this got to do with breakfast.
  • Eggs, beans, hash browns, Linda’s, toast. Feels like something’s missing…
  • Why didn’t i book tomorrow off too?

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All I want is real, real love.