BH Monday

I’m at a Travelodge in Borehamwood. I’m ready to go down for breakfast but getting the nephew moving has been a challenge.

Chances of having breakfast made for me

  • @Gnometorious is a master breakfast maker
  • Didn’t you see hash browns in the freezer yesterday?
  • Oh jeez, there are wraps downstairs. Actual wraps and they have gone off by the tame ypu get back from holiday, this can only mean one thing… ENCHILADAS!
  • Gnomes are not breakfastisers
  • I sometimes think thr cat is judging me for my excessive use of polls, she physically left the room
  • Dedicated is wall to wall bangers
  • What’s this got to do with breakfast.
  • Eggs, beans, hash browns, Linda’s, toast. Feels like something’s missing…
  • Why didn’t i book tomorrow off too?

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All I want is real, real love.


Mornings all.

Happy birthday baby @rich-t hope she gets a lot of Jaffa cakes, the ultimate birthday food.

Going to do not much today, maybe go on a bike ride, maybe buy some more plants. Got to fix a mega breakfast first though.


Hello Bank Holidayers!

Been stuck doing a lot of stressful work over the weekend because something kicked off and needed taking care of.

Heading to the Design Museum today and gonna check out the Kubrick exhibition and ignore any work messages.

Got someone staying with us all week, so I will of course be hiding in my room all day until I go to the pub to play cards this evening.

Haven’t figured out what I’m going to do about breakfast or lunch but I reckon skipping a couple of meals won’t kill me.

:frowning: I’m working today
:slight_smile: We get Thursday and Friday off
:frowning: I have a cold sore
:slightly_smiling_face: I’m off to Best Kept Secret this weekend

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I’m at work

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Breakfast means breakfast

Not only am I at work but my manager has decided to come in too. I had real big skiving plans today, all ruined.


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Yes, that was my plan, but no luck.


Morning all. Did a walk in the brecons earlier and met these guys.

20190526_173328 20190526_175521

Today is spice girls concert day. Im not going but TV has a bunch of friends coming over and I said id cook. So today is also cooking day. Going to raid the ottolenghi books shortly. Something with aubergines



  • Potato cake
  • Toast
  • Just go upstairs and ask, like a regular type of person.

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Morning all. Big cinema day today: Booksmart/Dr Strangelove/Spartacus. Still can’t get over being charged


for a pint in The Islington last night. I’m speaking here as a man who once got held up at gunpoint outside a cashpoint, but I feel robbed.


Apparently it’s going to be raining aaaaall day

Might see Booksmart on Wednesdaaaay

Not drank but feel hungover.

Can’t stop thinking about anything but Chernobyl and nuclear disasters. Fell back to sleep before and dreamt I was reading the Wikipedia page about the Fukushima one.

Are you a laugh?