BH Monday

Hey hey

Tell me all about your days, plans ect here. Are you happy with the outfit you’ve chosen today?

It’s 05.10 and I’m walking to work. It’s warm with a nice light chill in the air. The sky is just going that Inky purple and blue where the sun is slowly lighting the sky as it rises. New Panda Bear on the headphones. Hoping for an easy day.

Have a good one



Was quite humid here on the cycle in to work. The sky just starting to lighten in the last few minutes.

I’m here til just after 2. Got a pootle out to Stratford and another to Worcester later this morning, so that should be pleasant enough.

Probably mow the lawn when I get back.

As for outfit, I’m in my uniform, so it is what it is. Could be worse than a polo shirt and shorts, mind.


Morning all, was hoping to sleep in…seem to have woken at 6am again. Once I’m awake the thought of coffee tends to win over the need for more sleep. Still, I’ll enjoy the coffee so all is good. We’re going to go to the woods for a breakfast picnic in a few hours, should be a nice lazy day. Have fun!

Working, sadly, because it’s not a bank holiday :sob:

Morning rich

Had a nice weekend if we write off yesterday where I set off at 11am and i got home at 8.20pm :smiling_face_with_tear:

Feeling a bit blue and very dehydrated. Not sure about plans, this week was meant to a holiday for M but i can’t afford one so think we’ll be playing hotel and one day we’ll go to dinosaur mini golf.

Going up Tennyson Down I think. Lunch at Dimbola Lodge then to some local village fete down the road.

Very proper bank holiday vibes.


Morning all!

It’s a regular working day in most of Scotland so I’ll be taking The Child to school and then heading into work.

I have leftover bolognese for lunch and I’m playing football after I finish.

I’ll be wearing my regular work outfit of dress trousers and shirt in an attempt to convince myself I’m a professional grown up teacher.


Morning all :wave:

Got a day off here. Going to go to the Sealife Centre, which is something we’ve promised to Cheekster 2 for a while. Gonna make bank holiday pizza when we get back.

Definitely got real “end of summer” vibes today

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Today’s a BH in the UK? Nice!

Normal day here in Scotland, no bank holiday, so just about to take the kids to school.

Read this as “selfie” centre


Can barely drag myself off the settee on days off. Didn’t really move yesterday. Felt shite.

Had some vague plans to go and watch some non-league football today, but…

Daughter’s birthday party, then straight off to Bluestone holiday park in West Wales for a week. First proper family holiday with all three kids (third was a lockdown arrival) so quite excited about it :slight_smile:


My kids went with the grandparents last week and absolutely loved it. You’ll have a blast.

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Hey up sugars!

Sadly, the much anticipated pizza was not forthcoming last night as R had a migraine, which I presume is due to his awful summer holiday diet of biscuits, lack of sleep and no water. It came on as we arrived in the restaurant :roll_eyes::person_shrugging:

Meant we were all in a bit of a grump. So resetting today…

Off to Mum’s for her birthday, need to get up, make a crumble, do some washing, make a card and walk up with the dog. :birthday::piñata:

Then it’s home…might watch a film or something tonight.

Need to figure out the best way to transport a load of house plants without them dying or getting soil everywhere.

Exposure to radiation so they become sentient and walk there themselves?

It might result in talking and/or aggressive carnivorous plants though.

That could work as there are a few nosy neighbour types at the new street I’m not getting good vibes from so some aggressive, walking yucca plants could come in handy

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Looks like a beautiful day out there, and one which hopefully I’ll be able to make the most of - the rest of the household are heading off for a few days, so I’m free to do what I want. I’m not sure exactly when they’re off though, so holding back on making plans for now. Maybe I’ll go for a SUP, maybe a bike ride, maybe a mooch around the shops, and hopefully a pint or two later if anyones about


Mustn’t forget to put the bins out later though