BIC pens



Which is your favourite? Fine, for me, Clive


checks watch


Nearly there, m9


Not entirely sure what the difference between the clear and smoky plastic ones is beyond slightly smoky plastic.


Got a branded one of these on the go at the moment:



was always well jealous of poeple with those at school. Although I did put them in the same group as people who put everything in plastic wallets - ie. neat freak idiots with too much time on their hands.

May have been my stationery jealousy talking

Q - if teachers on twitter spell stationery/stationary wrong should I correct them?

  • Yes, how else will they learn?
  • Nah, leave it
  • Yes but privately
  • Don’t give a fudge mate

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You should complement them on there spelling.


The first commercial ballpoint pens sold for hella cash. Wikipedia reckons the original price was equivalent to $166 in today’s money.


There was a kid in my science lesson at school who’d always gnaw on pens like a demented beaver and several times all the ink would explode down his face but he never learned. Also used to eat a raw onion like an apple at break time. And he had weirdly long fingernails that he’d tap on the desk. It was a real treat sitting next to him. I often think about him.

Thanks for listening


And now he’s a mod on the UKs premier music website.

Actually, if he’s going to Oz - will he be relinquishing mod duties?




Go for the orange fellas with BIC every time, but given full freedom I’m a fan of these badboys


(Shame it’s such a by-numbers POS from them.)


It’s really a very simple website to use Theo
Oh I’ve done myself here


Tantalising close to running down my work Bic completely:

Rarely run one out before breaking/losing it. Started to get protective of it now as a result…


feels like a slightly softer grip


night modding we’re night modding
we’re what’s happenin



Fookin sexy poll m8


I dunno if I made this thread before or just thought about making it but how far (in KMs please) do you think a standard BIC could draw a continuous line for?