Bicarbonate of Soda

Who the hell is eating this stuff!? Absolutely disgusting.

Go on then DiS, stick up for this nightmare food, I dare you…

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It’s good for freshening up carpets, to be fair to it


Helps make gingerbread people

Add to dishes, raise them it will

Bicarbonate of Yoda

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I just had a big bowl of it for my lunch actually.

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Not bad this, you know. Not bad at all

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About all it’s bloody good for in my opinion, wouldn’t feed it to my dog


Could definitely be workshopped a bit. What’s Han Solo’s favourite baking ingredient, etc etc. Solid Tim Vine level stuff.

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Stick it opened in the fridge to clear out fridge smells.

Use it to help clean things.

I’m sure it goes in a few nice baked goods too.

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stick in my climbing shoes to help with sweat smell
good antacid - blessed relief and mega burps
homemade volcano thing with the kids
add to washing powder for a bit of a boost
general cleaning product
mix with oil to remove labels from jars (not tried this yet tbh)

soda bread
other baked goods requiring a rise, some pancakes
add to the boiling water you stick bagels in before baking

i wouldn’t feed it to your dog either


People actually defending the taste of this stuff are conspicuous in their absence…

If the best you can say about a food is “it’s really good at removing smells from things” then maybe we shouldn’t be eating it…

Whaddaya want?
I want bicarbonate of chicken!

I use it to clean my white socks.

I mean it’s right in the right amount - no one would defend eating a teaspoon of salt on its own

Waiter, waiter, there’s a fly in my bicarbonate of soda!
Shh, they’ll all want one!

or MSG

‘I am Bicarbonate of Soda, and these lands are mine!’

Box of soda, red and gold
Arm & Hammer
Do the microwave and stove, Arm & Hammer
Trap girl on my phone
She be like, “What’s the matter?”
Going hard, just ran out of Arm & Hammer
She like, “Bae I’m at the store”
“What you want?” You should know, sandwich bags and Arm & Hammer
With a scale I’m going hammer
Trap jumpin’, I got junkies watchin’ burglar bars and cameras

I reckon someone here might tbf

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Lovely on toast