Biffy Clyro - Blackened Sky

A search for this album unearths only three mentions which I feel is unfair.

Listening to it again recently after a long period of… Not, and every track is reminding me what a good album it is. So full of energy.

You like?

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I listened to it last week, really enjoyed it again. Hard to assess any of those albums from BS -> Puzzle, I was obsessed with them as a teen so cannot be objective haha.

Convex, Concave is massive, when the “sweat-drenched haaaannnds…” bit kicks in it gives me lil shivers.

Got some great b-sides too, Breatheher, All the Way Down Chapter 2, and Time as an Imploding Unit

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I like Vertigo of Bliss more but yes I like both a lots lot. Deeply wish I’d managed to see them before they got silly-mega

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I think because I only had cds in those days biffy was one of those bands where I could only afford like, one, so rinsed it. Got Vertigo of Bliss later on but this is the one that resonates. Remember listening to it a lot driving the car a few years later.

I dont think I have ever listened to this. Did love Vertigo of Bliss though.

Was in Ca Va , a shitty tequila bar in Liverpool, and they just played Eradicate the Doubt for some reason. Was ace


Loved this album so much as a 14/15 year old when it came out, and saw them play it pretty much in full in everyone’s favourite venue-that-used-to-be-a-public-toilet Tunbridge Wells Forum at that time. Support band ‘X is Loaded’ were great too from memory.

Aint listened to it in over a decade though bruv.

I’d recommend it. Still stands up.

Oh no. I broke myself in there so many times as a student

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it’s decent, some good, some shite. probably the third best biffy record.

joy.discovery.invention is one of their best songs tho. maybe the best.


It’s still only a pound a drink too! worrying


Reminds me of being in sixth form and driving my mum’s car to my boyfriend’s house, she only let me keep one CD in the car at a time and I chose that one cos the Vertigo of Bliss cover was rude


My mum loved an arbitrary rule, kept me on my toes


I think, after rebelling/being SEVERELY annoyed about Biffy selling out, listening to this album it’s clear that the seeds of them having very obvious pop crossover success was always there, but VoB (the better album IMO) was a bit of a curve ball.

Infinity Land doesn’t really know what it wants to be - sort of a mishmash of BS and VoB, with Simon discovering he’s really into screaming too?


Just given VoB a cursory listen again and nope, definitely prefer blackened sky. As scottch attested to its much more easy to see how they achieved that pop acclaim later on, as the tunes are just stellar. VoB feels a lot more angular, which, if you like edgy is absolutely fine but for me a good solid banger does the job nicely.

Wow its got 1 and a half stars on all music. Jeez. I’m clearly in the minority here.

Great album and some absolutely killer singles on there too. Managed to see them in Roadmenders in Northampton just before they got huge and was really lucky. Only went as a mate kept saying to see them.

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Seen a couple of gigs in there and it literally sounds like being in a toilet as well. Sound was terrible and was so hot

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Conversely every time I’ve been there it’s been cold enough to wear a coat all evening

Admittedly, this was during the summer, when it was quite warm. Still had a great time when I was there though

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