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I like a good milkshake


literally never voted tory

You know those moments when you’re on a bridge or tall building and you’re like ‘I could totally throw myself off this and no one can stop me’

Had that moment at the polling booth last election with the tories

Cry watching A Bug’s Life

I’m fussy in the sense I won’t eat butter, mustard, mayo or eggs

If that makes me a fussy eater then colour me fussy

Enjoy Disney movies and had a very nice time at Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago.

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If I have a burger or whatever and it has lettuce on it, I will dismantle the burger, remove the lettuce and reassemble the burger before consuming.

I also had a strop earlier because my sandwich was cut with a knife that had been used to chop cucumber (making the sandwich taste of fucking cucumber).


These are fine

Dont worry

We will banish u from the boards before u have the chance to share any of ur theories

CBA interacting with my parents, in fact, they piss me off, even though they don’t really do anything.

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Watching cartoons, loads of sleeping, enjoy having little stuffed toys such as Wonder Woman and a ghost which sit on my bedside table.

don’t think there’s many people that take the lettuce out of a burger without dismantling it. you reckon you can do it like the waiter’s tablecloth trick?

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Might try that next time

I walk to the local Tesco Metro every day and spend about £10 on food rather than doing a weekly or fortnightly bigshop and spending approximately £5 a day on the same food.

Literally just writing off £150 every month because i’m a big lazy entitled baby.

Cant imagine eating a burger without lettuce, seems incomplete

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I wouldn’t take it out but lettuce on a burger is shit.

lettuce + grease? what are you doing



Lettuce on a burgy (sometimes call burgers ‘burgys’ because I’m a big baby)

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  • You fucking massive baby
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