Big bangs, big woofs and big turds

Lots of chat in the Cost of Living Crisis thread about hating fireworks, dogs, dog poo.

Talk about it in here I guess

Having seen how much they freaked out the birds last year when I saw hundreds of them fleeing in fear and confusion silhouetted against the lit-up clouds it has affirmed that fireworks are awful. Everyone goes on about their pets and yeah, it’s not nice for them, but all that wildlife - it causes loads of animal deaths. Grim. :frowning:

Where I live someone sets off fireworks pretty much every weekend of the year, keeps me awake all the time, and they don’t even do it on clear nights, sometimes it’s not even dark. AAAAAH HATE THEM


Fireworks are shit.

No strong opinion on dogs but people should clean up after them obviously


@xylo’s a dog hater eh, always knew there was something a bit off about that guy.

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love fireworks, love dogs, love turds

but if you ban one, you have to ban them all. it’s just the rules.


Abolish fireworks, dogs and birds. No need for any of them in 2022.


Fireworks are great.
Like one dog and he doesn’t mind them so we can keep them
Fuck birds, little grasses

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Quicker just to ban humans.

woah woah woah.

won’t have no bird hate in here


Oi oi oi Lee Satchell you bastard
Stop trying to ban the birds and fight the geezers


I said what I said.

Actually I quite like an official, time-appropriate fireworks display, plus the one here always has a good barbecue, so they can stay.

I think official displays are fine but regular people shouldn’t be able to just buy fireworks. You have to go through a big process to get them in Australia and everyone still manages to have a good time at New Years etc.

hate when you are trying to escape from a killer in a cornfield and the birds give away your position. not cool imo


The only time I’ve been to a big proper official display was in Sydney and I went to the portaloo and reached into the toilet roll holder thing and someone had already wiped themselves on the toilet roll and then put it back into the holder. What a prank! lol

This is my poo and firework intersection anecdote.


Think they’re slightly better now but fireworks are still pretty awful for the amount of nasty chemicals they leave in the air for ages

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Keep official displays but they have to be indoors

If there was a thread entitled “things you like that DiSers generally hate”, fireworks would be my contribution.

That said, the general public have proven themselves to be untrustworthy with fireworks. Big display on 5 November, maybe NYE and religious festivals where appropriate; ban (or severely restrict) sales to the general public.


If the woke mob are after banning fireworks I’m joining the free speech union

No official displays but everyone gets one firework per year

to shoot at people who hang their dog’s poo up on bushes