Big brother is blocking you

Can’t see a better place to put this but just a for information really.

I’ve been logging on to dis through my work computer for donkeys years but today the site is blocked (by Forcepoint?) for the reason of “entertainment”.

I know right.

That might change, sometime sites come and go, but just thought it was worth a mention. Obviously I’ll just carry on using my phone instead.

We used to have workarounds with the old sites, I don’t know if there’s something you can do similarly with the Discourse version of the site that allows the same browsing patterns via a different domain?

I just tried the current IP since that method worked in the past, but it just resolves you back to the domain name.

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Yeah I think basically I was just highlighting it in case there was any way for a site owner to appeal the way their site is classified. Doubt it though

At last, someone somewhere is appreciating my artistry!


Ah, in that case it would depend on what software is being used to do the blocking since each company will have its own maintained list of site classifications, e.g. like this with Sophos.

Each one of these does have an appeals process, but that means someone will need to submit a request to have this site content reviewed, and I’m not sure how else these forums will be classified, with content such as How many degrees (cumulatively) do you reckon you turn in a normal working day? or Car Owners: How much would you need to be paid to have a Pepsi Max advertisment tattooed onto your willy?

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Perhaps we could get it upgraded to “harmless”

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Odd, mines blocked because of ‘For Musicians’


I haven’t used DiS on my work laptop yet because

  • my monitor is in clear view of at least seven of my colleagues :tired_face:
  • I know the IT manager and I can’t be having that conversation with him.
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It’s almost automatic for me when I go in to set the display to single monitor, drop it down as low as it gets then pull it close towards me and drop the brightness to almost invisible. Then I’m set

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