Big Brother

Id’ have 15

Reckon he’ll break character and start talking all Scunthorpe like the second he comes out

Was just about to put a post about why are they playing Utah Saints

Never been more glad to be wrong

Barely listened to the other housemate interviews but Jordan is actually worth listening to

Just married him


I liked Matty’s new haircut


Also well done Jordan

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Really liked Jordan in that interview

Change your avatar back to Matty NOW

Whatever you think of the comeback series (had its flaws but I really enjoyed it), Jordan would’ve been a stand-out character in any of the previous ones. Iconic housemate. Worthy winner.


Iconic housemates this series are Jordan, Yinrun and Trish imo. I’ll think of them first.

Will have forgotten Tom, Chanelle and Zak’s names by this time next year

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Moment of the series

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Who’s idea was this

Descended into chaos

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  • Matty’s poodle hair
  • Smartboy
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ITV getting us accustomed to Z list celebrities I see

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What on earth was that segment

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Fucks me off you’ve got all the housemates there but they’re giving so much time to some no mark itv2 celeb

Don’t think we heard Zak, Kerry, Dylan, Hallie even speak

Next season they’ve gotta sort BBLL out cos it’s shite. Make Will Best sole presenter. And stop the back door evictions. DO YOU HEAR ME MR. ENDEMOL