Big Brother

Is it good?

Good first episode

There’s a celeb one on there too with Kaitlyn Jenner but I’ll get to that after

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Matty and Yinrun went to a funfair together and won a toy penguin and they named it ‘Slop’


Currently downloading every BB & CBB episode ever, popping them all on Plex and it’s going to be my go-to ‘on in the background’ tele for the next, oooh I don’t know, five years?

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Lets get that podcast going

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what a visual. what a feast i’m going to have

Big Brother (UK) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Big Brother (UK) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
get jdownloader going and you’re away

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a few people have tried it before but they’ve always been rubbish… but maybe it can work for us

Have you read any of his posts?


I’ve been thinking about Big Brother a lot today

My pitch for CBB is North Vs South

Tasks to determine which team gets control of the house and nominations
The tasks can be north and south specific like a chips and gravy eating competition or fox hunting

As for the cast

The North
Someone from Corra
Someone from Man Utd or Liverpool
The Manc dad from Gogglebox
Is Fred Dibnah still alive?

The South
Someone from EastEnders
Someone from Arsenal Chelsea or Spurs
Giles from Gogglebox
Who’s the opposite of Fred Dibnah? A Sugababe?

That kind of thing yknow

  • This would be good well done
  • Fuck off Mert
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Rafael Benitez would be good on Big Brother

Yeah true

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Henry and Jordan are in a relationship now x

I can’t let go

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Apparently the new Jordan and Henry are Juanjo and Martin from Operación Triunfo

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BB17 is really depressing. House full of the most toxic people imaginable. glad I didn’t watch it at the time and am only watching it on my second screen whilst working like a normal person

thats the Andrew Tate one innit?

Yeah he’s gone already

Was only about the 9th most objectional housemate on-screen

just looked at the cast, forgot how cringe Marco Pierre Whites son and that Laura were

He’s one of the worst people that’s ever existed