Big companies you don't really have any moral qualms about using

For example, I feel uneasy going to McDonalds, Amazon, Sports Direct with their records on treating employees well. However, the opposite, are there any big companies whose goods/services you can use without feeling any guilt?

Greggs seem alright don’t they? I am more than happy to have reputations smashed in this thread

Northrop Grumman

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John Lewis




Literally all of them.


Greggs are not taking the piss:

Uniqlo - their clothes seem to not be made in sweatshops.

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Oh yeah, I like Uniqlo.

Muji too. And Ikea.

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they seem to treat their staff brilliantly (and all the stuff is good + cheap) so i am morally in favour of them (if the stuff wasn’t good + cheap i would find a reason not to be)

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Aren’t IKEA one of those firms that “arrange” their corporate structures to minimise tax to a quite unbelievable level though?

Only discovered this when I went in to buy a Nintendo t-shirt a little while back. It’s quite frankly refreshing for a high street shop not to stick their name in huge letters on every single thing they design.

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Nothing ever really seemed to come of it, I don’t think:

So good. And the quality is great for the price. Think I’ve bought their plain Oxford shirts with the button down collar in every colour.

Any shop that does decent, simple basics with no logos or slogans is already in my good books.


long history of badly paying employees. Cool escalators though.


John Lewis has a long history of really looking after their staff, I thought. Both financially and from a welfare point of view.

Given the proximity of the Edmonton store to the North Circular, I can’t see many people making the trip under the river to the Greenwich branch.

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a quick google suggests not. Also a few friends who’ve worked for them have nothing good to say.

I will thank them for providing me with somewhere I can go in my lunchbreak. I’ll take literally anything.

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