Big Data, Trump & Brexit


Has anyone else seen this…

So many thoughts as I read but at the end all I could think is, and this might sound so naive, surely people who agree to these techniques to win elections are just getting too caught up in the ‘game’ to really be concentrating on how to help the world. When you’ve spent all that time trying to win, will you know what to do with the power once you have it? It’s just terrifying.


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Yep, I read it. Fascinating, I thought, and certainly something that has terrifying potential. The examples quoted in the article just seemed like sensible usage of personalised advertising, to me.

And you mention the usage of this data once in government. I think our governments should be looking at data like this. They always try to understand the demographics and create policies that appeal, and this is just looking at micro-demographics. It definitely creates dangerous possibilities to target adverts, news, etc to people based upon what you know appeals to them, regardless of what actually happens in actuality.