Big DiS meet at this yeah






what does he have in his hand…?


looks like a falconry glove


he’s obviously riding a motorbike, duh


fairplay, heard he was a bird magnet


I used to work at a museum, and Cliff Richard hired out some public areas to do concerts. They offered the museum staff stewarding work for extra cash. I considered doing one night just for the novelty, but then decided I couldn’t face the thought of spending six hours at a Cliff concert when I had work the next day. Two of my co-workers did it and regretted it. Just 6 hours of older women being horribly unpleasant and rude to them and barging each other out of the way to get closer to Cliff.


the cliff on a motorbike shot is the cover of his new album “Just Fabulous Rock’n’roll”

I was going to post the cover - went to his website to get it and it started playing his new album out loud in my office


with a falcon on his arm!?!


Well according to the BBC it’s probably a youn[redacted]nis


The “no smoke without fire” tour


“I’ll be Back” (…every fucking Christmas with another utterly terrible song)


what the fuck’s that ellipsis doing there